she/her, bi, 29. indie dev and furry artist. creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG, runs Thanks Ken Penders

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Anonymous Coward asked 4 days ago

I love seeing all the casual outfits the main cast has in the Prologue comic but I also realized we only ever see Claire in her adventuring gear and work clothes. Do you picture her having any casual outfits or is she just always wearing her witch clothes?

claire has other outfits, but these days she's wearing her witch gear and guild tabard as much as possible because that's how she wants to be seen

Anonymous Coward asked 6 days ago

im curious if you made your fursona and/or one of the slarpg characters in sonic forces back when it first came out

i tried but you can't make a fat character and the options for hair were extremely limited so i didn't really get far. i just ended up making an original dog girl instead

Anonymous Coward asked 6 days ago

is there a place to report bugs we have noticed?

yes, basically any way you are capable of contacting me, such as this very website

Anonymous Coward asked 7 days ago

So the artist who designed Frog Ball is also credited under "Special Inspiration" for the Ominous Polygon; what does "special inspiration" entail?

G sent me a bunch of doodles of enemy ideas along with the frog ball early in slarpg's development. among them was an enemy based on a D20 die. while that exact idea from G wasn't used, i later combined the shape with an idea for an enemy that was transparent and showed the background for a different area inside of its body. and thus the ominous polygon was born

(also it just says "inspiration" in the credits, not "special inspiration")

Anonymous Coward asked 8 days ago

do you know where the vocal samples in "B.A.D." came from? one of the best parts of those really fun bosses

i do, but i think bee might still be keeping it a secret to see if anyone ever figures it out

Anonymous Coward asked 9 days ago

really loved the game :] which somic character do you think would blend in the most into the SLARPG world

blaze as sir percival in sonic and the black knight

Anonymous Coward asked 9 days ago

Not sure if you're aware, but SLARPG has all the default RPG Maker assets sitting unused in its files, which adds up to around 100MB taken up by stuff that isn't even part of the game.
(Also another more minor thing: for some reason the entire data for the current map is written to the save file, even though it doesn't seem to do anything when the save file is loaded, since editing it doesn't have any effect. This has a negligible storage space cost but just struck me as odd)

Runefox asked 12 days ago

Which of the cast would be most likely to play a game called Super Lesbian Animal RPG?

Anonymous Coward asked 11 days ago

i can see faith, jodie and claire saying fuck but has melody, jodie or beverly ever said fuck

whenever they're not on screen everyone is saying fuck constantly

Anonymous Coward asked 12 days ago

is melody a fan of kirby : )

i don't think melody plays a ton of video games but i think she would enjoy kirby

Anonymous Coward asked 13 days ago

Does fortnite exist in the slarpg universe or are they free of such silly things such as video games

Anonymous Coward asked 13 days ago

I just got the version of SLARPG, but remembered I'm planning on getting a Steam Deck in the near future, so even though I bought it from the, is there any way to play it on Steam Deck?

you can add non-steam games to the steam deck. i am not the person to ask about this because i do not own one. (also, slarpg is not optimized for the steam deck, it's a game made in a version of rpg maker from a decade ago. it'll run, but please keep this in mind)

Anonymous Coward asked 15 days ago

whats melody's cup size!

you know what? i have to admire your moxie for asking me this

Anonymous Coward asked 15 days ago

I like to imagine claire has a brooklyn accent since shes from a big city :)

Anonymous Coward asked 16 days ago

I've got a question about a later game sidequest that I'll run thru rot13: Va gur Jbbqynaq Cnynqva Dhrfg, vf gurer n ernfba jul gur zbafgref lbh snpr nybat gur jnl ner onfvp Nzore Jbbqf rarzvrf vafgrnq bs Hapnaal Inyyrl barf?

(rot13) orpnhfr gur hapnaal inyyrl rarzvrf jbhyq unir orra fvtavsvpnagyl uneqre sbe zrybql gb orng fbyb naq v qba'g guvax gung'f n sha punyyratr

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