she/her, bi, 29. indie dev and furry artist. creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG, runs Thanks Ken Penders

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Anonymous Coward · 1mo

Late game rot13 question spoiler jumpscare: V tbggn fnl, V jnf rkgerzryl eryvrirq gung gur fhecevfr Wnivf fubj jnf whfg n pbzrqvp ovg naq abg na npghny dhvm fubj jvgu n snvy pbaqvgvba. V ernyyl qvfyvxr gur dhvm fubjf va Onawb Xnmbbvr naq Cncre Znevb gung rkcrpgf lbh erzrzore rirel fvatyr qrgnvy sebz gur tnzr naq xvyyf lbh vs lbh qba'g. Vg'f abg npprffvoyr sbe crbcyr jub qba'g unir n terng zrzbel be crbcyr jub cynl tnzrf ernyyl fybjyl, fbzrgvzrf tbvat jrrxf be zbaguf orgjrra rnpu cynl frffvba.

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

is "higsby" claire's real last name or did she change it sometime between leaving brightport and arriving to greenridge?, since you said that "higsby" comes from a megaman game, wouldn't it make sense for claire to do that?, i think that if i disliked my parents enough to move away the instant i could i also wouldn't keep their last name and would instead change it to something from a something i like

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

hey, so this ask has like. MAJOR spoilers. like FINAL BOSS spoilers so i'm gonna rot13 cipher it--
v qba'g xabj vs lbh'ir orra nfxrq guvf orsber be abg, ohg qb lbh unir nal anzrf sbe gur "fhcre sbezf" gung zrybql naq nyyvfba tnva jura pynver cbjref gurz hc sbe gur svany obff?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

This is a very weird question but since Melody has a canonical Internet handle (pinktransfox), what would the other Novas have their usernames be?
(Sorry if this already has a canonical answer, and also for just how out there this question is.)

i don't really have a canonical answer for this, but also the thing is that if i DID give an answer then those usernames would immediately be scooped up on everything and i could never use them myself lol. i'll just leave it up to the imagination i suppose

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

Hey Bobby, how was Pepper brought into this godsforsaken world? (I mean Reverie)

Does she have a second parent we can blame, or is it for other reasons I cannot mention?

pepper has a dad, he's just not present in slarpg because catherine is divorced

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

how has the success of SLARPG impacted you overall? ever worry about the game gaining popularity within wrong audiences?

Anonymous Coward · 10mo

What's your favourite fortnite skin :)

Bees McChicken Gooprealm5000 · 12mo

i probably annoy you with how many things i send here but can i have permission to dump sprites from the game to spritersresource? i won't upload anything there without your permission

oh sure, go nuts. i wouldn't be a pixel artist today without sites like the spriters resource, so that'd really bring things full circle

i will say that the in-game sprite sheets are definitely not organized in a viewer-friendly way, though. lots of characters with sprites split up across multiple sheets, duplicate sprites to account for rpg maker weirdness, asinine file naming, etc. i assume you'd have to rearrange everything

Bees McChicken Gooprealm5000 · 12mo

hi i found a bug in slarpg uhh. when act 2 starts and you get claire back in your party if you fight a monster on the shore going back to melody's house sometimes instead of 'shoreline shuffle" the overworld music will be "~a dungeon!~" instead. not entirely sure what triggers this though

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

hey can you recomend me anyone ps1 rpgs im bored and wanna play some

outside of the FFs i haven't played a lot of them just because i didn't grow up with a ps1. but some slightly lesser known ones that i've been meaning to check out include lunar: silver star story complete, saga frontier, grandia, breath of fire iii and iv, and rhapsody: a musical adventure - which, as the name implies, features musical number cutscenes

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

What's the oldest piece of art that's still in use in SLARPG?

that's hard to say! a lot of old assets got touched up multiple times over the years. if we're counting things that were edited a bit, then it's the dirt paths in greenridge and that shaping for the edges of the grass. those tiles date back to march 2013 as the first tiles i made for the predecessor project. if we're talking assets that have remained as-is the longest without being updated at all, it might be the animation frames for the scorch spell, which date back to july 2013

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

Asking for a friend, which Nova is most likely to just eat sliced cheese by itself from the fridge at 3AM?

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

I really want to get into SLARPG but the mechanical labyrinth of stat-manipulation and elemental damage types common to other turn-based RPGs like SMT and Pokémon make me scared of trying it. Am I worrying too much? Please advice, thank you.

you're probably worrying too much. you are totally free to just play slarpg on easy mode

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

would you be mad at me if i force-fed javis pebbles and stones

javis does not have a mouth through which he could be force fed pebbles and stones

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

Asking for a friend: If the Novas sat down for a game of Settlers of Catan, who would win?

claire would be the only one who already knows how to play and teach her friends just so that she could have someone to win against

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