The shame of being seen consumes me.

351-1192, Itagayamachi.
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Curious one. · 3mo

kamu lagi suka orang gakk jaden :D

Curious one. · 3mo

Semua orang punya pacar kecuali Jaden

Curious one. · 3mo

Mau temenan di akun RP boleh nggak sih 🙁

Issabella · 3 answers · 3mo

how do you guys deal with your overthinking fase?

As an over-thinker person this is.. kind of hard. But I got some self distraction that mostly works on me. Sort of ‘em are writing or reading & nyusun lego

Azarios · 16 answers · 3mo

Waktu Twitter masih jaman ava telor, kalian dah main belum?

Andrey · 14 answers · 3mo

What things that makes you feel disappointed the most?

When I asked my father for a quality time with me but he always choose his job over me. (Context: he agreed at first—but then he breaks his promise afterwards)

Damion. · 24 answers · 4mo

Saranin kegiatan biar ga sedih, habis ketolak dream ca. 🤕🔥

Andrey · 12 answers · 4mo

Ada hal menyenangkan apa hari ini, kawan?

Hari ini nggak se bosan hari-hari biasanya sih udah termasuk menyenangkan. Gimana nih Andrey hari sabtu nya so far?

Curious one. · 4mo

Kakak lagi dimana itu? :0

Sore ini, ya? I went to a cafe sampai malem. It was fun, soalnya nggak sengaja ketemu temen lain juga. Hari ini kamu kemana aja?

fuyu! · 4mo

Hello thereee! What is your favourite comfort song that you listen and everything just feels better? :3

I got so much in general, but let’s just say This Is Home by Cavetown. How about you, Fuyu?

Curious one. · 4mo

Do you prefer to watch movies or read books?

Curious one. · 4mo

How often do you eat food not prepared by yourself?

Curious one. · 4mo

jam segini lagi pengen makan apa jaden?

Indomie ayam panggang yang jumbo & bungkusnya warna biru. Udah pernah nyobain belum?

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