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~lucidiot · 9 answers · 7d

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

Undercover Rabbit · 14d

Do you miss anyone from your past? Friends, family etc.
If so, who and why?

There are a few from the past that I do miss. Though I won't be naming them. But there was one whom I used to have regular video calls with and we just grew apart really. Others from social media that no longer exist and not having any other form of communication with them.

Undercover Rabbit · 17d

Do you have model wagons with Reisen graffiti?

Undercover Rabbit · 18d

Do model train enthusiasts ever paint graffiti on wagons to make them more realistic?

We employ local yobs/gang members to tag spots on the layout but are careful not to introduce territorial disputes....
Joking aside, some are even sold pre-weathered and graffiti'd. TMC do a lot of that stuff on request https://www.themodelcentre.com/e87002dlxtmc-g76

It's less likely for steam era before the '60s though. Any "graffiti" would be goodbye slogans and stuff due to the end of steam on the mainlines.

Undercover Rabbit · 25d

Do you bike to work?

When my job was closure, I used to bike alot to work. My current job is too far away, and too many hours to even consider adding 2.5 hours commute (on a good day) eitherside of a 12 hour shift.

「 Fristi 」 · 5 answers · 28d

on a scale of allergic reaction to peanuts to weighted blanket on a comfy day, how comfy are you today?

Miya Ironami · 17 answers · 28d

What do you think of the plastic bottles with caps attached that became mandatory in the European Union?

Pain in the arse nose pushers. Some are even difficult to screw back on because it's forced to screw on at an angle...

Undercover Rabbit · 29d

Why don't you bicycle if you like to do it?

It kinda declined since I started doing shift work. I want to get out sometime this month, but I also have the mental block of "I have not ridden in a while, carrying the bike down the stairs will kill me".

Undercover Rabbit · 1mo

Do you like to bicycle?

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