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Anonymous Coward asked 19 days ago

Do your friends know much about your hobbies?

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

What activity do you enjoy the most?

I guess at the moment, I enjoy playing FFXIV with friends. Though I hope to start getting some training in for the Ride 100 event next year. Cycling just....makes me feel better.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

What is your first memory?

That's a tough one, because some earliest memories only exist because it's been recorded and I've seen it, and because it's me it's sort of become part of a memory? I'd have to say it would be a of first time going to preschool and doing the entry tests to get into reception (pre-year 1 classes R1 and R2 iirc.).

Bonus memory of me telling my mum I wasn't feeling well in the morning before school, and her just chalking it up to me trying to get a day off. Then during registration, sat on the floor, I barf up lol.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago is currently available for about €28,50 per year.

so is, though not sure what I would use it for with the two other domains I already own

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago


fristi asked 6 months ago · 9 answers


fristi asked 8 months ago · 4 answers

So some have asked about my vidya preferences, should I make an audio log about it? I kinda feel like I can give a lot more in-depth info about the subject in general, might be fun for me to talk about.

Yes, that'd be a good start I guess. Something that you can dig into and provide your own views on, showcase a few favourites etc. And then branch into other things as you get comfortable with your format.

Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

Rabbit vs. Hare. Which one would win a race?

People would think the Hare....but, they do not know the true powers contained within the rabbits ultimate trick, the binky. Yes, a Hare has the leg advantage with legs on average 1km longer than standard rabbits when fully extended, but that's no match for the incredible speeds multiple successfully executed binkies can accelerate a rabbit up to. You have to see it to believe it.

Source: Cyril got shit on the ceiling I can only surmise that he glitched his way up there.

fristi asked 8 months ago

Do you know who ate all the donuts?

I can only offer my sincerest apologies on behalf of my small lodger, Cyril, for I found him tucked away in his favourite "safe place" bathed in sugar.

Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

What do you think about Bad Dragon?

Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

Can you play any sports?

I used to pay and practice cricket. Otherwise, cycling but that's not "playing" so to speak.

Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

Why are you gay?!

Look if it's because I talked about the majestic crested grebes it's because I think they're totally rad. Otherwise, no homo


Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

Have you ever been to Russia?

Nope. Guess it would be interesting place to visit though so maybe in the far future.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

Which food do you love?

Oh well, now that really depends on the mood and the time, and place. At home, it's knock up a quick favourite which is the okonomiyaki. A cabbage pancake if you like with chicken mixed in. Takoyaki, is also a top food in my list, have tried to consume an entire boat-shaped-dish load of them whilst they were still piping hot and suffered burns but it was worth it. Cottage pie and Shepherds pie are also two very much loved British dishes though I haven't tried to make one yet. Then there's the austerity-come-non-austerity cornbeef hash (because canned cornbeef is flipping expensive now) and lamb hotpot....god there's so much

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

What kind of animals do you have?

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