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BobOmbMonkey asked 8 days ago · 13 answers

Can you pronounce the full chemical name of titin?

BobOmbMonkey asked 9 days ago · 13 answers

Are all generalizations bad?

A cute plushie asked 9 days ago

Do you have bad experiences with cats?

Either I get scratched, or I get bitten, or other humans around me mock me for being scared, so yeah lol

Jaffy asked 10 days ago · 7 answers


A cute plushie asked 10 days ago

What do you think about a cat walking hurriedly to you so that it can rub its head against your leg?

I would be uncomfortable because I am always afraid of pets, and I would prepare mentally to either get scratched, or to be made fun of by the cat's owner until I pet the cat until someone saves me by petting the cat first.

A cute plushie asked 10 days ago

Have you ever got lost?

Jacky asked 11 days ago · 13 answers

where did you bury the treasure? 🔫

A cute plushie asked 12 days ago

What do you think about functional programming?

I don't have much to think about it! I can't grasp any of the math behind it, and I don't have any practical use case for it in my personal projects so I'm not motivated to learn a functional language either.

Jaffy asked 11 days ago · 8 answers

How cold is it right now?

It's 7.6°C outside. Inside, my thermometer says 14.3°C and 50% humidity, and the heater says 15.2°C, and I don't feel cold!

A cute plushie asked 13 days ago

What do you like to do on Friday nights?

Last Friday I just went to sleep really early, I don't think I even ate dinner. I usually don't do much on Friday nights because I am just so exhausted from the whole week. I then spend all of Saturday recovering from that and calming the anxiety down, and then on Sundays I can try to do all the chores I didn't have the energy to do all week, do some gayming or work on my weird projects.

A cute plushie asked 14 days ago

Which historical era do you find the most fascinating?

I don't have that much interest in history in general and don't know that much about it, so I can't really say!

A cute plushie asked 15 days ago

This is not a question but I hope the end of this year won't be as stressful as the previous ones!

Well thank you but for now it's off to a bad start lol. This year's pile of issues simply cannot resolve itself before next year…

dd🌺 asked 15 days ago · 17 answers

Why are you still here?

A cute plushie asked 16 days ago

Why is the end of the year stressful?

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