Next to my blåhaj
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AMoonRabbit · 5 answers · 2d

Who is going to win the Euro cup? The English Privateers, or the Spanish Armada?

A cute plushie · 3d

Do you mean a fan other than me?

Yes, but the kind that blows air around, and not one that for some unknown reason appreciates me

A cute plushie · 4d

What if you had a crush on someone
but their packaging said "do not crush"?

So that's what you meant by loaded question eh! I put that sticker because I am way too confused about where I might be on the aroace spectrum. It's more of a warning than something being illegal, so if you do end up having a crush, well, here be dragons I guess? If you ever act on it, expect it to be unrequited, or to get confusing answers.

A cute plushie · 4d

What do you think about authors that can't commit to tragedy? Like they write an apocalypse and kill almost all characters only to end the book with a weird coincidence that gives the survivors a chance, and they end the book there. Instead of properly killing off everyone like a good apocalypse should.

I think leaving a few survivors is even worse than just wiping everyone out, since you are leaving them with trauma instead of having enough pity to kill them. And if the author kills everyone, they don't get the opportunity to write a sequel with the same characters!

A cute plushie · 4d

Can I ask you loaded questions?

Lian · 21 answers · 4d

On a scale of brood to yearn, how much would you like a hug rn~?

A cute plushie · 4d

Do you eat lunch at noon?

A cute plushie · 4d

What's your favourite weather phenomena?

Lian · 17 answers · 14d

I cast Haste on the router!! What arbitrary magic would you use to solve silly mundane things?

I want access to the Rod of Seasons so I can skip summer and get immediately to the three better seasons

A cute plushie · 5d

What do you think about tsunderes?

Tsunderes are cute, but I know that I wouldn't be able to handle one IRL as I would misunderstand some statements as being actual hatred towards me.

A cute plushie · 10d

What's the biggest waste of time?

Hard to say, because whether or not your time is wasted depends on what your goals in life are. But reading the news, having anxious or negative thoughts or browsing social media certainly are good candidates for most people.

Lian · 23 answers · 8d

Snackrifice~! You just got turned into a candy or dessert~! What would you be, is it a favorite of yours... Would you want to be eaten?... >.>

I would be a lemon tiramisu, the combo of my favorite desserts. I'm fine with cuties eating me if it makes them smile

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