Next to my blåhaj
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dd asked 1 day ago · 8 answers

favourite letter of the alphabet or favourite numerical digit?

AMoonRabbit asked 2 days ago · 11 answers

What new technologies are you hoping we glean from the non-human craft the Americans have apparently recovered?

A rich people vorer. Or a 3D printer that prints with any kind of material and doesn't require any energy source or filaments, and can print itself, to hurt tHe eCoNoMy. Or just nothing because we can't have nice things

dd asked 3 days ago · 8 answers

Anything interesting happening lately?

I went to one of the many public libraries around me last week, thanks to an SQLite database that stores the 113 books I want to borrow and the opening times of those libraries. I borrowed 11 books, and I already read 5.5 of them. That's probably more books than in all of last year.

And I took photos of lightning strikes for the first time last week too!

BobOmbMonkey asked 3 days ago · 12 answers

How to escape the Retrospring rabbithole?

It's too late

There is no hope

You are stuck in here forever

Yaseen asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

If I became a plushie (limited-edition) would you snuggle with me at night?

BobOmbMonkey asked 7 days ago · 16 answers

Why is blåhaj so hard to find?

At some point they had some supply chain issues and even announced that they would stop selling it in most countries; I had contacted Ikea France's customer service back then and they confirmed it. It seems it's staying but they still don't seem to be scaling up production. I've noticed other products being missing for years at my local ikea and only coming back very recently so maybe there is a more general issue than with just blåhaj…

Yaseen asked 7 days ago · 16 answers

Would you hang out with me IRL? Like playing videogames, or going to the cinema, or just chatting.

dd asked 8 days ago · 11 answers

Do you prefer computing angles with 3x3 rotation matrixes (Euler with x-convention, (Φ, θ, ψ)) or Quaternions? Type EPIPOLAR GAMING in the chat!!

vyivel asked 8 days ago · 12 answers

Favorite plant milk?

BobOmbMonkey asked 9 days ago · 17 answers

Favorite Linux/UNIX/UNIX-like distribution? (unless you hate all of those). I alternate between different ones for fun.

I use Alpine everywhere, except on one desktop where I have Arch just to get around any missing/uncompileable software on Alpine. I guess Alpine would be my favorite, but I'm not that excited about linux/unix/whatever anymore so it's more of a "meh, it works well enough for me"

BobOmbMonkey asked 9 days ago · 15 answers

Install Gentoo?

Meh, I have other things to do with my CPU than compiling every single thing

dd asked 9 days ago · 13 answers

how tired are you

desea asked 10 days ago · 19 answers

Do you move on little cat feet?

No, I edit my coordinates in the universe's RAM to teleport

BobOmbMonkey asked 10 days ago · 15 answers

What types of video games do you like?

I don't play video games often nowadays, but when I do it's usually driving simulation games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, OMSI 1 or 2, openBVE, Microsoft Train Simulator, etc. Those are generally relaxing for me. I sometimes explore a little on OpenSimulator now too. I used to play Minecraft and Minetest with a whole bunch of mods with some friends, but I'm no longer interested in sinking so much time into building a world that gets erased this easily, I would rather create something longer lasting.

BobOmbMonkey asked 10 days ago · 14 answers

How many words can you type per minute?

Depends on how awake I am, on good days I can do up to 110wpm on monkeytype

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