Aderyn Ursa · 23 answers · 6y

What is the WORST idea you've ever had? x'D

I've had plenty of dumb ideas over the years, but I think my worst idea might have been going hiking deep in the woods without really telling anyone about it. Figured I'd get to where I wanted, take the photos (was why I was there in the first place) and be on my merry way. Ofc, a pretty intense storm broke out, my phone died and I hadn't really brought all that many supplies with me. Let's just say me getting out was somewhat of a miracle, but hey, having magic helped a lot. xD

It's hard to say, the first thing that always comes to mind also gave me the best thing in my life so I guess the second worst idea I had was to not run away from home when I had the chance...

Uh, I tried to walk on water when I was like 4.. yeah, turns out, it's harder than it looks in movies lol

Well, one time I walked in on Freya getting dressed and she only had a pair of lacy panties on >////< can't quite erase that out of my mind...

As many as I've had, I think I'll have to say touching Rika was the greatest mistake I've ever made.. <_<

I've had a few, but I guess telling mom I didn't believe in what she taught us was a pretty bad one.. (^o^;>

Trying to fake illness to get out of doing my chores when I was a teenager, my uncle caught on to it though and made me do all of my siblings work plus my own by myself, let's just say I never tried that again, haha~

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