Aderyn Ursa

Hi! I'm a 15 year-old ball of energy! Don't let my blind eye fool you, I'll still keep up with anything you can throw at me~ ;D

Wouldn't you like to know? ;D
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Saori Kido · 15 answers · 4y

Who would win a fight to the death, Aiolia or Aiolos?

Saori Kido · 16 answers · 4y

If you had to fight someone to the death, who would your opponent be?

Saori Kido · 20 answers · 4y

Would you sacrifice your brother or sister to save a bunch of random people you don't know?

Saori Kido · 28 answers · 4y

How would you feel if your partner wanted a polyamorous relationship?

Saori Kido · 11 answers · 4y

Is your worst kiss still the same and why?

Hmm... I guess it was the first girl I ever kissed, Sophie, because she was so scared and stiff the whole time as she was worried someone would catch us... <_<

Seiya Pegasus · 42 answers · 4y

Ok google, how to get a guy to like you

Saori Kido · 26 answers · 6y

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you recently?

Uh, Idfk, don't really understrand what's supposed to be embarrassing in your society even after all these years xD

Saori Kido · 41 answers · 6y

If you could kill anyone and get away with it, who would you kill? And it can't be me~

Saori Kido · 37 answers · 6y

How do you normally get punished (or if you're an adult, how were you?) ie being grounding, having stuff taken away, being spanked, etc

Well, before I came here I was usually starved for a week or so, then dumped somewhere in the forest and forced to hunt my own food or die trying, you know, just normal stuff~ (:

Ikki Phoenix · 5 answers · 7y

Okay, Shun inspired me. Anonymously send what you'd do to me, too.

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