Saori Kido · 11 answers · 6y

What was the best date you've had?

Ok, before I start this.. never give me a fucking map, I have the worst local sense.. EVER! Anyway, so me and Kiki thought it be nice to take a long walk through the woods. We found a map and set off, now our number one mistake was giving me the map, and uh, needless to say, we got very, very, VERY lost very fast. Also I may or may not have dropped it while almost walking off a cliff.. heheh.. heh.. yeah, wasn't my brightest moment. But yeah, thankfully my wonderful boyfriend saved me from that would be epic fail. So then we had to eventually try and find our way back, but honestly as bad as it started out, we found so many cool places we'd never seen otherwise, had lots of time to just talk about everything and anything with no interruptions and even found some time for kisses.. among other things. ;) And as a bonus, I got to learn some basic survival tricks and tips. lol

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