Aideen Black

I'm 15, a boy and can't really stand most people and that's all you need to know really...

My room atm
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Ask, but no grantee I'll answer
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Aderyn Ursa · 13 answers · 6y

Who was the best you've ever slept with? ;D

Aderyn Ursa · 7 answers · 6y

What do you think of me? I actually very curious, haha~ (near end)

I always loved you, and always will, crazy as you are, you can't ask for a better friend... ofc sometimes I do wonder wtf I was thinking for hanging out with you. xD

Saori Kido · 28 answers · 4y

How would you feel if your partner wanted a polyamorous relationship?

Saori Kido · 11 answers · 4y

Is your worst kiss still the same and why?

Aderyn Ursa · 20 answers · 6y

If you could pick someone to get stuck on an island with, who would you pick and why? ;)

Well, I'll go with Kiki because I know we get along great, we should do a good job surviving between what we both know and hey, I know we'll find something to do when bored if you know what I mean~ ;)

Saori Kido · 37 answers · 6y

How do you normally get punished (or if you're an adult, how were you?) ie being grounding, having stuff taken away, being spanked, etc

Urgh, first I'll get about a 2 hour lecture of why what I did was wrong (and for anyone thinking I'm exaggerating, I HAVE timed it), then my mom (and siblings if they are around) will take away all my art supplies and store them away for as long as the punishment is for. And then usually I'm grounded with a no TV, no games, no computer and no friends policy.

Aderyn Ursa · 22 answers · 6y

What's your favorite candy and if you don't like candy, tell me what you like to eat as a snack~

Uh... don't really have preference, but I tend to go more for sour candy than sweet

Mu Aries · 6y

I'm sorry for how cold I've been to you... I just care about Kiki a lot, but that was no reason for my attitude. I deeply apologise and I hope you can forgive me.

Well, can't say your behavior was okay, but I get it and I'll forgive you because despite how I look, I am a rather nice guy. lol ;)

Seiya Pegasus · 17 answers · 6y

What do you think of me? :D (near end)

Shiryu Dragon · 14 answers · 6y

What do you think of me? ;) (near end)

Well, just glad the trolling calmed down somewhat, bro, you almost fucked yourself over with it and I do think you're cool, uh, underneath that shit lol

Shun Andromeda · 13 answers · 6y

What do you think of me~ ^^ (Near end)

Well, honestly just happy it FINALLY worked out for you, you're a good person who deserve a happy ending. Just uh, please don't make me pose as your bf ever again, yeah? xD

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