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Berlin, German
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Leon Rutherford. 6 answers 10mo

How鈥檚 your first day of October going so far, folks?

beep! 路 12mo

hi! since its the edge of the month, here i am hoping that you'll have a beautiful august next month. may you have a good day today, and remember to put yourself first before anything else because you matter :D 馃挮馃挍

aw:(( thank you sender!!! hope you'll have a beautiful August too ya!! have a good day too senderr, pls stay happy healthy ya鈽癸笍馃挅馃拹

Jean 13 answers 12mo

What triggers you to cry?

depends(?) since im the type of person who cries easily, sometimes... like a few days ago, I cried after watching gyuvin's edit video with the YOYOK by ts as a bgm馃様

Jean 9 answers 12mo

What type of music do you like?

Jean 12 answers 12mo

Do you prefer to date people the same age as you, younger, or older?

Jean 10 answers 12mo

What did you buy or get recently?

Jean 12 answers 12mo

Are you a more quiet person or do you talk a lot?

Jean 6 answers 12mo

What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

semua mimpi ku aneh sih, tapi yang paling aneh kayaknya mimpi barusan, ugal2an (lagi panik) naik mobil di jalan toll (the fact that i can't even ride a motorbike, apalagi mobil ya..)

Jean 11 answers 1y

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?

Jean 7 answers 1y

What would be your last meal?

Jean 10 answers 1y

What is your current crush's personality like?

im on my crushless era rn alias gapunya crush but my last crush orangnya baik sih kinda friendly juga tapi tengilllll parah 馃様馃憡

Jean 12 answers 1y

Are you outgoing or shy person?

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