Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑

Your friendly dungeon master! Anthropomorphic wolf, necromancer, pyromancer, guardian of souls, hoarder of puzzles and riddles, seeker of knowledge, tea enthusiast and Anubis' son.
Roll Initiative!

Some lost temple of the Duat with a portal to Barcelona.
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How can I quench your thirst for knowledge today, mortal?


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tillian asked 3 days ago 路 7 answers

What is your favorite drink? You can answer with multiple options

Horchata, Evermead, Mind Flayer, Gooseberry Milkshake, Almond Milk, Meringued Milk and Matcha Bubble Tea.

A random ushabti asked 7 days ago

Have you ever been to France?

Yes, I was in some natural thermal baths on the French side of the Pyrenees. They were outdoors, in the middle of the snow. It was a wonderful experience.

fristi asked 11 days ago 路 15 answers

Important question: what is your favorite type of hat?

The Tricorgs asked 12 days ago 路 6 answers

What's one thing you're really looking forward to?

I desperately await the moment when society stops forcing everyone into a life of slavery to capitalist productivity and each person can live their life as they really want.

fristi asked 15 days ago 路 15 answers

You have found a golden banana. What do you do with it?

Hmm, if I've learned anything, it's that golden fruits do the same thing as their normal version but with much more intensity. So the golden banana has to slip a lot! Zero friction! So I would cut it in half and put each piece under my paws. The most efficient skates in the world!

fristi asked 15 days ago 路 13 answers

what do you think the crocodile says?

"Right before I close my eyes,
The only thing that's on my mind,
Been dreamin' that you feel it too,
I wonder what it's like to be loved by you!"

What did you expect? I told you it was Shawn Mendes.

fristi asked 15 days ago 路 15 answers

if you saw a crocodile walking casually along the street, what would you do?

If they were a regular crocodile that walks on two legs, I would ask for their autograph. I mean, it's Shawn Mendes, you know?

The Tricorgs asked 15 days ago 路 10 answers

What was the last book you read?

A random ushabti asked 15 days ago

What is your favorite flavor of tea?

Definitely my favorite flavor is matcha, because of how much you can appreciate the flavor of the ground leaves. My second is black tea because of how strong it feels, and my third is Pu-erh for its earthy aftertaste.

A random ushabti asked 16 days ago

Do you have any other favourite animals than wolves or jackals?

I like a lot of them. In fact I have a great love for the animal world. But my favorites without a doubt, apart from wolves and jackals, are foxes, lions, owls, hawks, horses, deer, dragons, sharks, bulls, spiders, snails, cetaceans, tardigrades, beetles, crows, axolotls and hyenas.

A random ushabti asked 16 days ago

Have you ever pet a wolf?

A random ushabti asked 19 days ago

Can you swim?

Dude, I'm a pyromancer, not a fire elemental. Of course I can swim!

A random ushabti asked 19 days ago

What is the best thing about your country?

A random ushabti asked 20 days ago

How often do you use condiments?

I ALWAYS use condiments. I need every bite to be an explosion of flavor. What can I say? I don't like food; I LOVE it. If I don't love it, I don't swallow.

A random ushabti asked 21 days ago

What do you think of other egyptian gods?

I love seeing the family dynamic they have. They also feel very close, it is very encouraging to see how even they have better and worse days and learn from their mistakes. I also love that the Kemetic gods walk among mortals and see them as equals to care for and help with their development instead of inferior creatures, and I love that they also show themselves vulnerable and let themselves be taken care of and learn from them too!

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