Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑

Your friendly dungeon master! Anthropomorphic wolf, necromancer, pyromancer, guardian of souls, hoarder of puzzles and riddles, seeker of knowledge, tea enthusiast and Anubis' son.
Roll Initiative!

Some lost temple of the Duat with a portal to Barcelona.
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How can I quench your thirst for knowledge today, mortal?


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A random ushabti 路 1d

If you could choose one invention to retroactively erase from reality, would you? And if so, which invention?

Weapons, as a concept. Anything designed with the sole intention of killing or hurt someone. It would be very interesting to see where society would be at a global level right now if no political action in history has been carried out thanks to brute force and military superiority over the rest.

A random ushabti 路 1d

Got any hot gossip about the gods?

Dude, you just asked the Whistledown of the Egyptian pantheon. Tell me, what you want to know? Sekhmet's drunkenness? Isis and the scorpions? The non-Greekized story of Osiris and Seth? I have lots of gossip!

A random ushabti 路 2d

How do you feel about the furry fandom's... Let's be polite and call it 'attraction' to your dad?

Anubis was already considered one of the most attractive deities even in ancient Egypt. And in that culture sexuality was very celebrated and it was an important part of everyday life and religion. (In fact, do you know that Anubis is one of the few deities that has a male and female form and that changes between them depending on their mood? So technically they're genderfluid.) So it doesn't bother me that many people in the fandom see him this way since it has always been like this. Just... keep me on the sidelines, please.

Hubble the Wolverine 2d

Can I give you a hug?

Wait, you have gone down to the Duat, crossed the gates, faced the demons that populate the place, avoided A/p/e/p, found my temple, passed my tests and completed the labyrinth to my personal chamber to get a hug from me specifically? Asks tilting his head.

Well... granted! I guess... Hugs you.

Wow, that's dedication. Is this how rock stars feel with their fans?

A random ushabti 路 8d

fav music album

News of the world, by Queen. Not only do I really like the songs, I also love all the visual art on the album.

The Tricorgs 8 answers 1mo

You are approached by a three foot tall corgi plushie. What do you do?

The Tricorgs 6 answers 2mo

What is one thing you're looking forward to? Doesn't have to be major or life-changing; it can be anything.

Right now it's enough for me to stay alive, honestly. But so that it is not so bland, I will say that I am dying for a meringued milk.

The Tricorgs 8 answers 2mo

What is the best thing that happened to you lately?

The Tricorgs 5 answers 2mo

What's your favorite thing about yourself?

My curiosity, my desire to learn and my open mind. I myself have had ideologies that are not as good as one would expect from me today and I have made mistakes that embarrass me and torment me to unsuspected limits. But I have always learned from everything, I have never completely closed myself off to anything and I have always tried to give my best. I don't let my pride prevail over reason. And I think that's what I like most about myself.

the f00fy one 15 answers 5mo

What's the first song that comes up on shuffle (on your music collection / ipod / favorites playlist / radio / equivalent)?

A random ushabti 路 6mo

What problem do you have with Greek heroes?

A random ushabti 路 6mo

Do you worship other gods than Anubis?

! 饾懟饾拪饾拲饾拲 饾懌饾拞饾拏饾挄饾拤 饾懌饾拹 饾懠饾挃 饾懛饾拏饾挀饾挄. 7 answers 7mo

Would you rather create a sharknado or be able to summon raccoons using a flute to forge a suit?

Well, I can only think of one situation where I need a sharknado or a raccoon suit and I think I'll go with the sharknado. I think it has a greater deterrent power, and I prefer to avoid conflicts.

the f00fy one 13 answers 7mo

do you play any musical instruments?

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