Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑

Your friendly dungeon master! Anthropomorphic wolf, necromancer, pyromancer, guardian of souls, hoarder of puzzles and riddles, seeker of knowledge, tea enthusiast and Anubis' son.
Roll Initiative!

Some lost temple of the Duat with a portal to Barcelona.
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How can I quench your thirst for knowledge today, mortal?


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Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑 asked 28 days ago 路 2 Answers

What characters from animation movies/series (Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon...) do you associate your family members with? (you included)

Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑 asked about 1 month ago 路 4 Answers

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the dark world of social media?

Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑 asked about 2 months ago 路 5 Answers

The aliens have arrived! And they have chosen you to explain what humanity is. What would you tell them?

Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑 asked 2 months ago 路 2 Answers

Congratulations, you are the winner of a paid vacation to any place and time in the past! (Think about it before continue reading.) Unfortunately there has been space-time negligence after you traveled and you can no longer return. Where are you, at what time and how will you live from now on?

Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑 asked 3 months ago 路 4 Answers

Your sona has the opportunity to get the vehicle of their dreams (Or more than one, if they wishes), the only condition is that it cannot be a particularly large vehicle, only for one to five/six occupants at most. What would those vehicles be like?

Anpuankhses 饟嵐饟儯饟嫻饟嫶饟嫶饟姰饟嵑 asked 3 months ago 路 2 Answers

You have the opportunity to become a new character of a tale, being able to influence the story however you want. What tale would you go to and what would you do?

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