She is just a girl who loves drawing and art.

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Be kind with your words. :]


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Mr/Ms. Anon · 6mo

hallo kamuu! how's ur day rn? hope ur day is great ya! wanna say that u did soo well for surviving! kamuu jgn lupa jaga kesehatan yaa, makan enak sama bobo nyenyakk!! ✨✨

Hello, Anon. My day went well today even though I was bit tired. Thank you very much for your kind words. Hopefully it all turns around for you too, Anon!

Mr/Ms. Anon · 7mo

I 100000% agree with your bio and I think it suits you really well. Have a nice day, Hanin. I hope this world will always be kind to you.

Hey, thank you so much. May it turn around for you! Happy Sunday night, Anon. I hope this evening is enjoyable for you.

Miles E. Kairo · 28 answers · 7mo

mind to tell me your comfort food?

Mhm, I think opor ayam buatan Mama it's my comfort food. It tastes like heavenly food.

Julius. · 17 answers · 7mo

Guys, can you give me a recommendation song for sleep?? Cause i need it.

𓃠 · 7mo

‘nlooo precious people, this is rowses! i'm new with retrospring and i noticed you drop your retro on ssefnum. soo, would it be okay if i get a followback from you? sorry if this seems random, but i'd love to be friends! ^^

Hello, pretty! I’ve given you a follow back. Me too, I would be very happy if we could become good friends too.

Julius. · 18 answers · 7mo

How was your September so far?

My September is going well so far, although a bit tiring. Hopefully everything goes well and doesn't disappoint.

Mr/Ms. Anon · 8mo

i hope you smiled today ;) DO IT NOW!!!! yeay>< great! i hope you keep smiling~

Hey, thank you Anon for your sweet message! I hope you also always keep smiling and be happy. 🤍

Mr/Ms. Anon · 10mo

What activity do you enjoy the most?

bianca. · 10mo

a question, if you would like to dye your hair, what color it should be and why?

Sol. · 10mo

Ada saran drama, series, atau film yang menurut kamu HARUS banget ditonton nggak? Genrenya bebas.

Ps. Ini sender yang di Munfess tadi pagi.

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