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Galendion · 21 answers · 5d

If a genie granted you 3 wishes rn, what would you wish for?

Either shy or shameless · 9d

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Kairi. · 3 answers · 5d

Met lebaran, walau udah lewat 50 tahun.

Sheon · 28 answers · 1mo

Can you recommend a favorite song that you've been enjoying lately? I'm currently feeling bored with my usual music choices and am eager to delve into something new

𝓛 𝑖𝑡𝑡𝑙𝑒 𝑀𝑖𝑠𝑠. · 6 answers · 29d

Kasih aku 1 judul film yang wajib semua orang tonton seumur hidup versi kalian, dong? ♡

Deon. · 16 answers · 27d

What do you usually do to help you fall asleep quicker?

with love, Zachie♡ · 7 answers · 11d

do you guys ever feel like... you're losing interest in interacting with your friends on social media and being chronically online, and how do you cope with the situation? idk if I name the term correctly or not, but I just feel like I don't have any interest in being active around X these days...

many times before, biasanya aku ya mind my own business sih lakuin apapun yg aku mau karena nanti juga semangat main x nya balik lagi

Deon. · 16 answers · 18d

What is your comfort food (to be cooked)? I need some recommendation since I’m planning to cook lots of meals during the holiday.

Deon. · 13 answers · 16d

What do you usually do when you feel like everything is suffocating?

Deon. · 26 answers · 13d

Tell me one thing that put a smile on your face today.

· 16 answers · 1mo

kepooo, tapi kalian punya dream concert kalian gak sih? coba dong kasih tau aku! 😋

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