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hehe ૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა


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Sol. · 10 answers · 12mo

hello, life update sejauh ini dong? met istirahat semuanya

Eros · 12mo

haii aubrii, i just want you to know that you’re preciouss so please be happy yaa because you deserve it!! and please please stay healthy, jangan skip makaan!! ily!<3 -k🩷

Sol. · 12mo

Ada saran drama, series, atau film yang menurut kamu HARUS banget ditonton nggak? Genrenya bebas.

Ps. Ini sender yang di Munfess tadi pagi.

· 12mo

𑁍 .. At the end of the day or week or month what really matters is that you and your loved ones are safe and well, you have done your best— you are grateful for being who you are as you touch the world with your presence. Have a wonderful day, A!

LoRa ⭐ · 8 answers · 12mo

what's your favorite fruit(s)?

Eros · 12mo

kak aubrii cantikk, makasi yaa udaah lahiir di dunia iniii. i hope your days will full of happiness because you deserves it!!♡ -keyla

LoRa ⭐ · 5 answers · 12mo

please please please rekomendasiin aku menu mixue! (biar belinya gak sundae terus)

urm.. strawberry..? sorrryyyy if i’m not helping, ‘cuz i’m not a big fan of mixue actually jadi gak terlalu tau

LoRa ⭐ · 6 answers · 12mo

cat or dog?

damn sorry am i too late? but i’ma answer it tho hehe. it’s hard urmm i can’t choose, so both.

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