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Joshua Rai Abisatya. · 13d

He're, still a bit embarassed to ask you directly through DM.

I suppose you're the one who sent me that question from 2 days ago, No? Idk.. I just know it somehow..

Anyway the answer is Yes. Yes. Is just yes from the beginning. Please tell me if you're ok with that..

Hi Josh, may i know which question are you referring to? Because i haven't sent any questions to anyone before.

Anonymous · 28d

do you set your eyes on someone lately?

Anonymous · 1mo

Benben Benben! Hope you always have a good time and food, semoga selalu sehat dan tidur nyenyak juga, ya!

Anonymous · 1mo

Ben, if you don't mind, may i ask you something that.. Do you fine with a guy?

Anonymous · 1mo

I see you mentioning Star Wars on your interest list and it makes me interested to start to watch it. Do you think it's too late to start? Kalau mau mulai nonton darimana, Ben?

Hello sender, it's never too late because Star Wars is like a timeless saga that's always ready to welcome new fans.

Kalau mau mulai nonton pilihannya ada dua, nonton sesuai tahun rilis atau sesuai alur cerita. Aku pribadi lebih suka sesuai tahun rilis, biar gampang nontonnya, feel nya lebih dapet dan plot twist nya kerasa banget. Menurutku urutan sesuai tahun rilis juga cocok banget buat yang baru pertama kali nonton.

Tapi kalau kamu lebih suka nonton film ngikutin alur ceritanya, boleh dicoba nonton sesuai episode, nanti aku bantu kasih urutannya.

Semangat marathon Star Wars, sender. Semoga kamu suka ya!

Ruby. · 1mo

ben, when’s the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was about a month ago, I think. It was when I was feeling unwell.

Reina · 1mo

Ben nonton anime apa aja??

Lumayan banyak, tapi kalau akhir-akhir ini lagi rewatch haikyuu sama ngikutin Wind Breaker yang lagi on going.

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