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BidenLadysMan asked about 9 hours ago · 2 Answers

What was your worst subject in school? Mine was math. I barely got the very basics and that was it. My Junior high school math teacher said I was the worst student she's ever had in 35 yrs. Watch 5 ppl will tell me they can calculate Saturn's orbit in their head. Well fuck you kindly😄

BidenLadysMan asked about 13 hours ago

At my funeral take the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into the crowd to see who's next😁😆

BidenLadysMan asked about 18 hours ago · 2 Answers

If you had to kill, could you?

BidenLadysMan asked 1 day ago

There was a MAGA rally near me. Here we go right, these monsters are here! I was brave and went to watch. Prepared for a melee. And the 1st lady hands me a free hat, the 2nd lady gave me a shirt. Another couple invited me to sit and eat with them. We didn't even talk much politics. Where's the chaos that our Pres. said these terrorists were going to start. They were the nicest neatest ppl I've ever seen. Go to a ANTIFA/BLM rally, cars are burning stores are burning. It's night and day.

BidenLadysMan asked 2 days ago

Trevor Noah is quitting the daily show after 7 yrs. I'm sure it has nothing to do with his dismal ratings. When John Stewart hosted it, it averaged 1.5 million now with Noah it's 300,000 🤣 it's because he went woke. And braided us even though he grew up in a mansion.. so that's it. The woke institutions are dropping one by one😄

BidenLadysMan asked 3 days ago

People online get upset when you suggest the ppl of florida got what they deserved for how they treated the migrants. Here's the thing, I saw ppl in Florida walking through the high water much like the migrants had to do when crossing the boarder. That's the lesson ppl and politicians need to learn. Is to treat people, all people like human beings regardless of their skin color not animals, not pawns. Because one day you maybe begging for help.

BidenLadysMan asked 3 days ago

Record breaking hurricane Ian demolished Florida. 13 people died. If only there were busses to evacuate them. Where were those busses. Being used by DeSantis to stuff waves women and children migrants into. Using these as political pawns to make a statement. Sorry elderly in nursing homes in Florida better have a life vest on😒

BidenLadysMan asked 4 days ago

They say schadenfreude (enjoying the misfortune of others) is a bad thing, bad for the soul. My soul is black anyway😆 I enjoy the misfortune of bad ppl. For instance Rush Limbaugh talk show host, bigot, drug addict, potential child molester died of lung cancer a few yrs ago and I loved every second of it. Daily I'd read reports of his fat body decaying. Gave me such joy.. sighs I get the warm feelings just thinking about it. Im kind of fucked up🥰

BidenLadysMan asked 4 days ago

I've entered three of my local lotteries. If I were to win I'd have over a billion dollars. There comes a time where we must take a spouse. If I'm going to be a billionaire I will need one. Who wants first dibs? Male or female I'm flexible 😉😝

BidenLadysMan asked 4 days ago · 2 Answers

Charlie's Angels reboot in 2018 directed by Elizabeth Banks. Which flopped HARD. A week before it debuted Banks said "straight white males this isn't for you" "if it doesn't make money it proves men don't want to see female action heroes" well it bombed🤣 Recently she said she wishes it was marketed for girls, and they made her do it. Wah, wah,.. lol we don't have to destroy Hollywood, the woke agenda will do it for you😄 Thoughts?

BidenLadysMan asked 4 days ago

Sleep-a-way camp is the ultimate expression of parents who hate their children 😝 you've been in school half the yr now it's summer, get out of my house. I don't want to see you lol different then even day camp where I can pretend to still like you alittle. You come home at night and go back. No I want you gone! The sight of you makes me sick!😂🤣

BidenLadysMan asked 4 days ago

This will be offensive to some here😝 The pandemic gave parents a chance to really get to know their kids. You know them but you don't really know them until they're alittle older and then you realize OMG you're a little shit head. And I just made the world a worse place by bringing you into it. We call it self reflection 😂 that what school is child prison. You're awful be the state's problem for 6 hrs😁

BidenLadysMan asked 5 days ago

some take the side of the pharmaceutical industry for giving out these vaccines allegedly for free consider this. These are the same industries that manufacture cancer treatments and insulin. And if you can't pay them for it they'll let you die. And I've seen ppl plead with pharmacists to give them even a little medicine. They can't. Keep in mind it's not like a hospital that treats you and bills you later. You have to cough up money at a pharmacy or you walk away with nothing. The compassionate Big pharma😒

BidenLadysMan asked 6 days ago · 2 Answers

A massive woke backlash at Netflix over the Jeffery Dahmer series. They tagged it LGBTQ. And that community freaked.. but it is an LGBTQ story. He was a gay man who killed other gay men. Do you only want positive representation? You don't want to see the dark parts of your community. People are bad in every community. If you want to label everyone which the woke ppl love to do. Then you need to be ok when that label is written out.

BidenLadysMan asked 6 days ago

I was watch the Rupert Murdock (owner of Fox News) story its very interesting. You can see in the early yrs the seeds of debauchery right from the start. In the 1960's Murdock would display full nude women on the cover of his British papers. Gives you an idea of why the ladies of fox dress the way they do now😆 He knew that sex and violence sold papers and eventually resulted in tv ratings