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BidenLadysMan asked 8 days ago · 1 answer

Is this place dead, or is it just me?🥺👉👈

BidenLadysMan asked 9 days ago

pneumonia outbreak
in China puts pressure
on pediatric hospitals,
Prompts questions"
News brief November 22, 2023
And right before an election
year. How convenient🤔🤔🙃

BidenLadysMan asked 9 days ago

Barney the dinosaur 2023... Kid: "I can hear the soda fizz when it opens" Barny: "So you can fucking hear? The world is an amazing place🙄" Kid: "barney your tail is hurt" Barney: "That's just the herpes starting up l, I should cover that up" Kid: "Barney is alittle... different than the rest of us" Barney: "I'm the only one who is a bad motherfucker"🤣

BidenLadysMan asked 10 days ago

Barney the dinosaur 2023: "I love you, you love me, toy ambulance hits his foot Barney: Ow you fucker!! Kid "Ambulances have sirens" Barney: "Fucking obvious"😆🦖

BidenLadysMan asked 11 days ago
BidenLadysMan asked 11 days ago

Watching Wednesday on Netflix and smoking weed (the only way I can tolerate Wednesday show😆) brought out the creativity in me. I came up with a rebooted new monster themed family.. allow me clears throat, Plays kazoo "They took some cash from China, They smoked crack with a minor, Old Joe's memory's declin, The Biden Family" come on guys sing it's fun😆 "Oh Hunter is a sleeve bag, he took rides from president Xi Jinping, made movies of his weiner, The Biden Family" It's alittle catchy admit it!🤣🤣😇

BidenLadysMan asked 12 days ago

God creates dinosaurs. God
destroys dinosaurs. God
creates man. Man destroys
God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherites the earth... IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW🤣

BidenLadysMan asked 12 days ago

Lol Super Mario bros movie is on Netflix. Yeah they are hell bent on getting me to cancel that. 😆 like I'm watching that .. can someone tell me how Chris Pratt became a voice actor? He has no distinctive voice what's so ever. Voice acting as I understand it falls into a few categories. Either you have a high, squeaky voice, a low booming voice or a set range where you can do all the voices. He's none of that. So how??🤣

BidenLadysMan asked 14 days ago
BidenLadysMan asked 15 days ago
BidenLadysMan asked 16 days ago

Since where on our way to Christmas I'll sing a little Diddy to get us rolling. Lol sing along if you know it.. clears throat "I feel my pecker tingling, ball are jingling too, I need to know whether to link them together with youu. I need a hot slick mama to slide my salami into.. I must eager, cause your beaver will doo" come on everyone, sing! Why am i not invited to the Christmas party!🤣

BidenLadysMan asked 17 days ago · 1 answer

ugh, I hate Thanksgiving so much I want to puke. I just got in a big fight with my mom. I'm not going to the moocher farm this year. I hate my cousins and their snotty kids and their bullshit narcissism. I don't want to deal with it anymore . I'm an adult now and I'm not going anywhere I don't want to. Thanksgiving is a BS holiday to celebrate gluttony.😝😄

BidenLadysMan asked 18 days ago

Well let's listen to a nice old song from 1935. When the world was pure. I play the record player. "I've got nipples on my tiddies, big as the end of my thumb. I've got something between my legs that will make a dead man cum! I spit out my coffee 🤣🤣

BidenLadysMan asked 18 days ago

Some foolish bank gave me $280 credit, I don't got no money, so stupid🤣 this is going to expand my PS5 collection. I'm getting Resident evil 4, Dead Space. And Red Dead Redemption 2 why not it's on sale. I'm buying for the only person that matters and deserves a reward.. . Myself😁

BidenLadysMan asked 19 days ago
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