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Merida asked about 23 hours ago · 10 answers

Can you spot others' sadness and sorrows? What about yours?

I'm pretty empathetic to ppl. And I can always spot my own sorrow🙂

Pandy asked about 20 hours ago · 10 answers

On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being terrible, 10 being stoically resilient, where would you say you are on the ability to handle stress?

Pandy asked about 20 hours ago · 10 answers

When was the last time you wore a face mask (for COVID or other health reasons)?

I wear a mask every time I go inside a store. As much as I'm against the way this whole covid thing was handled. I do like putting a mask on. Ppl are gross and I like not being able to smell them😁

Dingus asked 2 days ago · 13 answers

What is your body telling you?

Shannon asked 3 days ago · 10 answers

Have you ever tried edibles and if you have what happend?

I use them. I don't really like smoking in any form so they're good. You have to be careful of dosages. But they've gotten better at properly measuring them out. 🙂

LaDamaX asked 2 days ago · 15 answers

Would it be ok to greet you with a kiss on the cheek upon meeting you in person for the first time?

Ugh, covid, you better pinch my booty while you do it.. 😆 Nay I'm good with a handshake.

Shannon asked 2 days ago · 8 answers

What's your opinion on plus size?

Arthur asked 5 days ago · 8 answers

My mom gets really mad whenever someone says "bad" things about me. How do I convince her to stop reacting that way?

Don't stop it. Embrace it. It's nice having someone in your corner. At least she doesn't join In saying bad things about you like my mom did growing up😄😪

Daniel asked 4 days ago · 16 answers

What style of architecture do you like a lot?

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 13 answers

What have you had more than enough of lately?

Ugh, people, like can a few of them fly away for a while😄

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 10 answers

Young man/lady/person… What are you still doing up?!!! It’s 1 AM, and tomorrow is the first day of school!!!

Ahhh, me and the band have to practice mom!! You'll never understand!🤟😝🤟

Merida asked 7 days ago · 12 answers

When do you know that it's time to change your smartphone?

When they send the "kill switch" update that trashes your phone and makes it a brick. Then I have to buy a new one😆🙄

Daniel asked 6 days ago · 13 answers

What is too short?

Merida asked 7 days ago · 12 answers

Do you think you could work at Walmart? I was seeing some pictures of Walmart's customers outfits. I don't think I'd be prepared to work there. It would be impossible to me to keep the straight face tbh.

I get puked on by old ppl. And wipe their bums, I can work anywhere 😁

Dingus asked 7 days ago · 11 answers

What health issue has impacted you the most in your life? Pre-Covid.