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Shannon. · 7 answers · 5d

Did your high school look like a prison?

All schools are prisons. They're literally there to hold children while parents work

LaDamaX · 9 answers · 1mo

Whats a challenge that you’re currently facing?

I've got a nice case of pneumonia that nearly ended my life. Thanks to the American health care system i had to first go to a clinic where i was misdiagnosed 😁

Anonymous Coward · 1mo

Unironically your schizophrenic ramblings are so fucking funny

Kate Matsuda · 6 answers · 1mo

Can somebody please explain to me how you can vote for the presidential election in the US? What is the registration process when you are a first time voter and what do you do after moving to a different state? I am at a loss here!

Well as I recall. They send you voter registration in the mail. The first time I registered as a republican in the democratic state of NY. I never received my registration card. I wonder why🙄 Then I registered again as an independent and got my card. I went to vote. My guy lost, my vote meant nothing and I got back to back jury duty as my reward😄

Kate Matsuda · 7 answers · 2mo

Somebody trolled at me mentioning that "Baldur's Gate" is an anti human and anti christian game as it is gay! He wrote Baldur's Gayed. I am at a loss. Is that person trolling on an insane dumb level or is that person simply sick?

Is it particularly gay? I wanted to play the third one but I don't want to catch the gay😅😜

LaDamaX · 8 answers · 2mo

What time of year do you really dislike? Why?

November. Ugh, it's getting cold meaning high heating prices and Thanksgiving means I have to go into hiding from the rest of the family 🙄😂

Daniel · 14 answers · 2mo

Tell us a fun fact

Did you know a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? That's right, next time you see a flock of these pink birds, you can impress your friends with the proper term!😁

LaDamaX · 12 answers · 2mo

Are you a stuffy old man/woman/person in a young person’s body?

Kate Matsuda · 10 answers · 2mo

Why are you considered an addict when you play eight hours straight some game and then working eight hours is normal?

I suppose working is productive while playing a video game is considered not productive. It's not considered a valuable use of time. It's only addictive if it interferes with other parts of your life. if you play video games for a living then that is your job😁 I've never had that problem really. The best games only hold my attention for 3 hrs or so. 😊

Daniel · 16 answers · 2mo

Is eating at hooters something that appeals to you?

Not really. They've honestly been toned down alot. I generally don't like people men or women who fawn over you for a tip. It irritates me😊

Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 2mo

When guys call some other guys 'pussy' it implicates weakness. Why do not they call each other with a different name? It is obviously wrong from a biological point of view and obviously wrong from a functional point of view. So it must have other reason? Ideas?

Maybe down the path of wussy?,. As in wus, or cowardly. It's weird because vaginas are exceptionally strong! The bleed every month and not die like a horror movie monster.. they are amazing🤣

Shannon. · 10 answers · 2mo

Do you prefer landing or taking off?

Taking off. Yes you're in the air. But when you land you're essentially control falling. What I'd you can't control the fall💥💥😆

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