anon the great asked about 1 year ago

I absolutely love your art and codes!! Truly you are such an inspiration for me! <3
I was wondering how you got into both of them and why so many of your amazing codes are free (not that I'm complaining but they're so well done and detailed that I'd deff be more then happy to pay money for them)

KITHES YOUU omg thank youuu!!! <333 let’s break this down:


  • i think…. my earliest online inspo was BaniTheKitty (now ezpups) on YouTube! and then i did still-life drawings of my LPS toys (i did a whole book of these but i left it at a park so :[ )!
  • i also preferred cartoons over real-life series (except for animal documentaries) when watching television <3 tom & jerry and doraemon was MY thing


  • deviantart introduced HTML to me but i was only invested in it to make my profile pretty like the cool kids.
  • then in late 2019, i saw someone ask for a warrior cats code on Toyhouse forums and thought “hey i can do that”; so that plus the positive reactions from the crowd, everything went uphill from there ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ


  • i was about 15 at the time with no access to receiving money and paranoid that my bank account would snitch my age to paypal (if i tried to make an account) LMAO
  • but even if i had a working paypal, i never thought my (coding) work was of high monetary value so i hadn’t bothered until other people suggested it to me!
  • but with some free codes (of mine and other’s) being large and so beautiful, it’s a bit hard to figure out what can be F2U and what can be P2U nowadays! ;c;
  • still, i’m happy to know that people would pay for them; that’s why i have a kofi now ;3c

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