anon the great asked about 1 year ago

how do you get the ideas for your codes? for where wich each box with x info go and all that-
does it just pops up in your head, you make an image to lay out the idea, do it as you go or? :0c

all of the above haha! coming back to repost with images

i do like to draw layouts (sometimes even writing down the col widths and orders); and while not always, i do a desktop and mobile view for some sections! but i also go with the flow too (lustrous, break and telling are a few)!

as for what info goes in what box… it’s whatever looks the best there really! or even what’s expected with the flow. you’d usually find the basic infos BEFORE likes/dislikes, that type of thing!

i also get general inspiration comes from

  • carrds (i look for muse-based carrds the most, or the defaults)
  • tumblr themes
  • PSD templates on deviantart (and i guess those custom boxes too)
  • character roleplay forms
  • other codes
  • websites

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