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Lore on until the sun sets 👀 quite interested hehe


essentially a slide of life/tragedy BUT it’s basically the prompt “the moon hasn’t risen in months” combined with the ARG “the sun vanished” !!

monochromatic monsters came by first and the sunlight became more deadly; those touched by sunlight is get harsh burns (this can be seen with Froggy, Blazemoth, Thriftstalker and others that i haven’t drawn a proper ref yet). it has always been day—think of the sun rotation as the same in some countries where the sun doesn’t fully set.

the only place they’re safe? away from the light.

before the main cast, the Moonstone Colony have moved to the caves in the shadows (called the Underground) where there are other animal groups living there too (each unique species is divided by factions, but each faction can have multiple groups too)! some factions/groups are borderline tense and some have formed alliances/partnerships!

story-wise, it’s mostly just the cast fooling around. some outside fights here and there. waiting in the caves until the sun sets.

it’s definitely loose and there are more realistic things i’m ignoring but it’s a concept i’m having fun with and that’s all that matters >:)

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