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Do you have a nickname?

yes and you will get context instead, anon coward the nth

  • DVD (my irl initials are VD so i just add another D at the front)
  • da Vichi (i am one of the artists in the group)
  • Tapioca (a person assigned food names for everyone; he was Asparagus and my other friend was Tomato); i still like this tbh
  • Hai, for like a funny 10 mins (to address an older sibling in Vietnamese, you say [gender] + [order of child]; i am the eldest so my younger brother calls me Hai [literally meaning 2] all the time and a classmate thought it'd be funny to do the same, saying "Hi Hai". they stopped after i told them they were just calling me 'older sister' LMAOO)

just for clarification for those who noticed: in South Vietnam, we address the eldest child in the family as hai (2) instead of một (1). the special honorific for first-born child is cả, which is still used for North. while i'm not 100% sure why we don't use it (even my mum doesn't really know), there's some common reasonings i found:

  • superstition that the first child will be taken by bad spirits, so they skip it
  • in the past, the village leader was called “Hương Cả” so people avoided using it out of respect
  • during the North to South migration era, the eldest stayed to care for the ancestor homes/families while the second eldest went to the South

simple ask, yet a lore answer from your's truely <3

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