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Anonymous · 1mo

Mr. Perfectly Fine.

Anonymous · 3mo

Hi, Kakak! I’d like to ask you something, may I? puppy eyes Umm... I know Kakak udah beberapa kali answered about this, but I’m still curious. So please lemme ask you again, with a little bit more details. If you don’t set your eyes on someone currently, then... Do you have plans for it? And, how... Howtoattractyourattention—I mean, what’s your type? HAA, GITU DEEEEH. Sekian, terima kasih. Have a great day, Kakak :[

Hi there! Sure, you can ask me any kind of question. Well.. I can’t say that I don’t have plans, I do, but I just haven’t found the right person yet, and not really searching for it too atm.

And as for my type, I’m quite confused to give you a proper answer since I don’t really have specific type in mind, I guess as long they can make me feel comfortable, it’s enough. I hope it answer your question, and may you have a great day too, Anon.

Anonymous · 3mo

Axel, sorry for this silly question. Do you currently set your eyes on someone?

Not sure if you still need my answer or not, but no, I haven’t set my eyes on anyone at this moment. Hope that ease your curiosity.

Anonymous · 4mo

do you currently set your eyes on someone?

Anonymous · 4mo
Anonymous · 5mo

Kangen. Kok jarang keliatan? :<

Chessa. · 16 answers · 8mo

What song is currently #1 on your 'On Repeat' playlist?

Judith · 4 answers · 9mo

Any movie recommendation guys?

I might recommend you to watch “All about Lily Chou-Chou.” just watched it and it was a good one.

Anonymous · 9mo

Axel, do you currently set your eyes on someone?

Anonymous · 9mo

3 Agustus ayo dong bantai kami, kalo elo punya nyali. Tongkrongan kami mengucapkan met ultah met ultah selamat ulang tahun. Gue yang pertama ngucapin I bet, sorry kalo bener. Happy birthday bro

Anonymous · 10mo

Titip salam buat temennya yang usernamenya RoseIyth, pfp Yae Miko.

Anonymous · 10mo

I want to be your dumb slut. 🥺

Anonymous · 10mo

Ini sender yang ngirim retro naksir. On a serius note, kalo lu dideketin ada yang marah ga? Lagi deket sama seseorang juga ga?

Judith · 10mo

aku mw follbacknya oppa apa boleh 😭

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