Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 5mo

I helped a customer with his computer today and found out it lacked memory space. She was hoarding e-mails dating back about 15 years. And they had many attachments. We gained 300GB of space deleting those older than 2015. What data do you hoard on your PC?

41 gb of Pics in various categories and also uncategorized, mostly downloaded, a few i took; 292 gb of music, including thousands of christmas songs for christmas, and also tons of songs ripped from online radio stations; 28 gb of random videos; 17 gb of porn; the contents of my niece's and my sister's friend's hard drives that I copied for some reason a long time ago; 223 gb of programs i've downloaded in two directories: new, and new_save (the latter is for stuff not to delete); multiple downloads of my entire gmail inbox, 17 gb each; 380 gb of Virtual Box and VMWare virtual machines; tons of installed applications; tons of random other things

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