Kate Matsuda asked 3 months ago · 9 answers

I helped a customer with his computer today and found out it lacked memory space. She was hoarding e-mails dating back about 15 years. And they had many attachments. We gained 300GB of space deleting those older than 2015. What data do you hoard on your PC?

Oh dear. I hoard music, pictures, and some apps I don't use as much as I used to. "Bloat," so to speak. However, I have at least wiped my hard drive several times and that has helped clear out some of the bloat.

I had this life, people had 100s of GB worth of email like this (stored on a network share, no less) and can't understand why Outlook is slow, they are lucky it runs at all...anyway for me it's movies, TV shows, and a good bit of it is video games that I may or may not play again, so I never removed them

the oldest thing I have on my computer is from 1994. I actually have a handful of things from 1994-2000 that my dad made on our home computer for me. some of it can’t open due to the system they were created on but I don’t want to ever delete them.

My MacBook was soooooooo freaking sluggish. Waking it up was a 10 minute ordeal. I was having trouble saving word documents. They just wouldn’t save. Apparently, iMessage on my computer was keeping ALLLLLLLLLL my text messages, including a ton of pictures, since the year 2016. I was like… wtf … deleted that shit, logged out of iMessage, and my MacBook is running like new for the last couple of years. .

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