inhahe asked over 1 year ago · 9 answers

If you could feel good all the time, or be able to look into people's bodies and visually see their emotional mechanics, which would you choose?

I'm struggling with this answer. Knowing other people's emotional mechanics would be helpful if you have some kind of interest in them. Whatever it is. And I'm not Gonna lie, I would have paid to have that skill and understand many people and their behaviors tbh. On the other hand, I can see the cost of that skill in a person like me...

Feeling good all the time sounds unnatural to me. It's like suppressing the rest of emotions. Could it be empathy possible? Would it exist? How could it be possible to see others people' griefs and still feeling good? I'm not sure if I want that part of me being taken away even when sometimes it feels more like a curse than anything.

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