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Jyrki 🦊🐾 · 13 answers · 11mo

Imagine you got to order a pizza for €135 (~ £115), what's special about it?

Some anon · 11mo

What is your favourite thing to wind down after a rough work day ?

I actually don't have such thing as a 'rough work day' honestly - since my full time job is art lmao

If I think back to my old job .. I literally went straight to bed after work

Some anon · 11mo

According to your FA title, you're a femboy addict, what about them makes them so addicting hehe :3?

Some anon · 11mo

What got you into art? And the furry fandom?

I can't remember a time I was not drawing actually!

I started doodling nonsense, then pokemon and fakemon, then anime girls and I remember I found cool looking wolf characters online and tried drawing them too x3
Yeah guess these were my first furry drawings lmao

A friend of mine back then pretty much introduced me to the fandom though

Some anon · 11mo

What's your favorite memory?

Jyrki 🦊🐾 · 11 answers · 1y

What's the most spicy food you've ever eaten?

Can't really eat spicy food but I think the spiciest I've ever tried was probably some kind of 'reaper sauce' which got about 1.5-1.8 billion scoville ^^
(Hurts a lot, makes you cry and almost vomit)

Jyrki 🦊🐾 · 12 answers · 1y

What drink goes well with rice?

Depends owo In asian restaurants I tend do get calpis - I think it fits so so nicely with the sticky rice uwu

Some anon · 1y

Have you ever listened to J-Pop?

Some anon · 1y

Do your friends know much about your hobbies?

Since I'm pretty open about them on social media etc, I guess so? ^^
I don't have a lot tho haha

Jyrki 🦊🐾 · 10 answers · 1y

What was the weirdest day you've had so far like?

damn there was a lot lmao

One really weird day was probably when we had our prom. The theme was literally 'Maturantenstadl' and had to wear a dress I hated so fuckin much. For the photos I had to buy a Dirndl which I never touched again after that day and the entire ball was just a chaotic mess. I didn't even know what was going on cause we were too busy preparing crap and I only got to dance with my grandfather once lmao
It was just absolutely not my cup if tea I guess ..

Jyrki 🦊🐾 · 18 answers · 1y

What was the last website you visited that's not a social network, news site, online shop, free online encyclopaedia, or productivity web application?

Some anon · 1y

Do you like to sing out loud when no one else is around?

Some anon · 1y

Have you ever pet a ferret?

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