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Jeonghan said shinggibanggi and Sunoo boongboongbanggi


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𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐎 · 27 answers · 12mo

What is your favorite topic to talk about?

Anselmus Maguire · 12mo

Hey, thank you for being exist! This world is so dear to you.

Oompaloompa · 12mo

hi! i know its not the edge of the month yet, but here i am hoping that you'll have a beautiful august next month. may you have a good day today, and remember to put yourself first before anything else because you matter :D 💫💛

Hello! Thankyou for your word sender! I hope it goes the same for you ya? Hope you have a good day! 💘

Gaviel Rowen. · 13 answers · 12mo

Hi guys, can you suggest me something to watch, please?

tunAa! 😼 · 19 answers · 12mo

You're enough just as you are, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace the things that make you unique. I'm so proud of you for doing your best, I don't know what are you going trough but you're going to get through it, keep going!!

marumi · 8 answers · 12mo

kalau kalian punya pacar terus nggak dikabarin seharian kalian bakal gimana?

Shahine Kamani · 7 answers · 12mo

Weekend ini mau ngapain?

Weekend kemarin cumaa rempong buat ngurusin uas dan persiapan kkn. Sekarang juga gitu

marumi · 7 answers · 12mo

di tempat kalian lagi dingin banget nggak sih? 🥶

૮꒰ ౨ৎ 。˵• ﻌ •˵。꒱ა ♡ · 12mo

Hello, Darshyl! This has been sender of menfess in regarding to gain new mutuals @ retrospring! Mind to give me a followback? Thank you! And by the way.. your username is soooo cute! 🐈‍⬛🍟

Heyyy Chei! Already follow you back! Anw thankyou for the compliment. And i really love you set up you Retro account!

౨ৎ ⋆。˚ · 12mo

Literal adorbs! Hi, Darshyl! Do you want to be my adorable buddy? 🏹

˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚ · 15 answers · 1y

So. How's the weekend going, guys? Udah siap menyambut pekan baru belum? :D

Hiraéth. ֺ۪ ⭒ ݂ · 11 answers · 1y

good morning pals. can you give me the title of the movie i should watch today? since i don't have any plans for today.

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