Olivia Scott

a ghost floating across the ocean

earth 65
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ask me something :3


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Queen_of_Nothing · 2d

Ok so if you had to pick between constantly having bubblegum in your mouthor always having sand in your shoes which would you prefer?

definitely constant bubblegum. i already have a mind gum addiction so it wouldn't be too much different than now lmao

Queen_of_Nothing · 6d

If you could only see one colour from now on what colour would you pick?

olivimaniacs · 10d

hiiii! have you made any more progress with the plurality stuff? I see you talk about your whole personality changing a lot again so I was curious :3 pluralgang??

nah i just have really intense bpd. for me i don’t really feel like being plural is right for me. the way i currently see it is if there are other personalities inside my mind then none of us really care if there’s a distinction between any of us and tbh if that’s the case then i don’t really see myself as having it

olivimaniacs · 10d

How did you get into the Fediverse?

well i had originally joined back in 2016 cuz i got tired of the monotonous bickering on twitter. how little things change, eh? but i left for an extended period of time and returned in 2021. i don't quite remember why. i think for the same reasons lmao. i was a regular from then on but wasn't super duper into it until november 2022 when the original influx of people showed up.

olivimaniacs · 10d

Have you told yourself you love yourself today? If not why not!

If yes. Go on do it again you absolute Gorgeous Goddess 🩷

olivimaniacs · 10d

You enter a room, the door locks behind you. Before you a rubber duck & single mint polo sit each on a stool. A sign simply reads choose.
Do you leave a good review on TripAdvisor?

that's a 10/10 experience. a place to sleep AND a mystery rolled up into one? that's what i call good service

olivimaniacs · 10d

what's xol?

olivimaniacs · 10d

Pssst. You're cute. blushes and runs away

olivimaniacs · 10d

Whats the most impressive thing you've ever done?

hmm,,, questions like this are difficult to me because things that people think are impressive are subjective.

olivimaniacs · 10d

Whats your favourite thing to do when you have a day off?

olivimaniacs · 10d

how do you feel about the fact that most people following u thing ur hot asf?

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