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Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

Hi! I'm on a school computer and have no access to discord, twitter, or anything else that I could use to tell you this. I'm trying to read Homestuck while in school, but they have it blocked. I found your web port of the Unofficial Homestuck Collection which, I guess, isn't blocked. Anyhow, I wanted to report a bug where the panels don't show up and only the text does. If you see this, thank you! You're the best.

Almost certainly what's happening is that some of the domains it uses for media are blocked. Sorry!

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Do you have any recommendation on tools to set up a blog similar to yours? (similar in the sense that you have tags, comment sections, i.e. the blog features) Was it all done in Pelican?

Yes, my blog is all done in pelican, but unfortunately I don't have a great offhand recommendation for an easy service this. My goto used to be Wordpress, but I haven't looked at that in a while. I've also seen Ghost as a "modern" option. Blogspot hasn't been workable for a long time. You could also make a static site using pelican and host it using something like Glitch or Neocities.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

given your recent series of blogposts about IP abuses, what do you think about Tom Scott's video ( about YouTube's copyright system and how it became to what it is now?

I watched it when it came out and I remember thinking it was good. I agree with his general thesis that YouTube is contorting around a copyright system not designed for the internet, and a lot of the problems with YouTube's system coming from the fact that it's a "layer" between the individual and the law. I think my response would be that a copyright system more like the one I describe in would fit "The Internet" better, as a side-effect of fitting the whole world better in general.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

how do you decide whether to post your thoughts on Bluesky, Mastodon or Twitter?

Generally speaking, I try to crosspost to both Bluesky and Mastodon. I'm trying to phase out Twitter, and I'm also posting (slightly) longer statuses to Tumblr again

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

Hey Gio,
I have the impression that you are around the Internet for a very long time yet your oldest blog posts is from 2020. What did you do before the blog, and how did you come to start the blog in the first place?

I don’t have any other blog-style writing online. I’ve been on Twitter, Tumblr, and before that a number of different forums (MSPAF represent) and IRC. A lot of what would now be called “indieweb”.
How I came to start the blog is a longer topic I don’t really have a good answer to. I wanted to have a good space for longform writing, and I didn’t care if blogs were going out of style if they were still the best tool for the job.

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

Is your website the official location of the unofficial collection webapp or is it just there now for testing?

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

You have a presence on Twitter, their hot up-and-coming alternatives Mastodon and Bluesky and Tumblr. But interestingly, CoHost is missing. Why is that the case?

Anonymous Coward asked 6 months ago

What's the best way to contact you privately?

Twitter DMs, discord (if we share a server), retrospring (for minor notes), or any of the socials in my card at

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

why does the unofficial homestuck collection have plugins enabled by default, like hussie's commentary and the transcripts? i feel like hussie's commentary especially ruins new readers' experiences, arguably more than the official website does.

The web version has a handful of mods I personally find valuable enabled by default, both to make sure everything's working correctly and because the "unofficial" status of the web beta lets me tweak things so it works well out-of-the-box with my recommended settings. HOWEVER, the commentary mod is only enabled by default if you explicitly turned New Reader Mode off, for obvious reasons.

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

Trying to do a re-read of HS using the browser version of the unnoficial collection, the the multi panel WV externals seem to be broken. Like waywardvagabond/recordsastutteringstep and
waywardvagabond/anunsealedtunnel and etc. The pannels for these parts are not loading.

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

It seems some of the gifs and smaller images like pesterchum statuses and "Sweet catch" gif also seem to be broken on the browser version of UHSC.

This sounds like a known issue in an earlier version of the site that should be fixed now. Try clearing your browser cache.

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

Been reading anything good lately?

mostly short unfathomable horrors. really want to sit down with a good book after my backlog of horrors is a little cleaner

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

if I see a typo in your website what should I do? I saw one earlier but I've forgotten where it is. Alexander Wales has a cool function on his blog site to address them.

Usually people just leave a comment, although you could send an ask here and I'd see that too. What's Alexander Wales' solution? I took a quick look at his blog and didn't see anything

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

The blog link in your bio (with the im. prefix) is giving a "server not found error

oh shoot, fiddling with bluesky earlier today seems to have broken the DNS record. should be fixed in a bit!

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