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Anonymous Coward asked 25 days ago

While I think Ralsei is odd so far, I have the feeling his intents might not be necessarily antagonistic or hostile. He strikes to me as an awkward socially unadopted nerd who self-inserted himself into his dream fanfiction with blue sponge and purple dino platonic crushes.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

hello there, just letting you know that some of the screenshot links in your psycholonials review highlights post are broken. this only slightly demoted the quality of the review, and i thank you for providing me the opportunity to learn about psycholonials as an interesting creative work without having to give andrew hussie money.

What links are broken? I looked through and they all seem fine to me

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

Do you think Hussie's writing has deteriorated post Act 7?

I definitely don't think Psycholonials was as good as Homestuck was at any point in the comic's run. I don't know whether that's due to some intrinsic deterioration of talent, it could be due to the schedule, or team, or just that he was trying to stretch and do something very different. At the end of the day, though, I don't think the end product was very good, and think that analyzing the text reveals some pretty weird stuff. I have further thoughts on psycholonials here:

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

Do you have any thoughts on Hiveswap Act 3's announcement?

Nothing special. I like the art I've seen. Lots of fun environments. Newswise, it's obviously very surprising for this to drop out of the blue like this. It's also strange how there's virtually no corporate aspect to it and the artists were (seemingly) just asked to show their own work. It's hard to think that the reluctance to be "official" isn't related to the various scandals WP's had. I hope any new people pulled in to work on the game are treated better than the folks from the horror stories from acts 1 and 2.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

In the last paragraph of the Psycholonials Commentary section "On Authorial Intent," you never clarify whether you support Homestuck using their platform to amplify BLM and express anger at the police -- what side of the aisle do you stand on, here, dude?

This is an interesting question. Well, it's almost an interesting question. The actual question is "what side of the aisle do you stand on?", which isn't a useful thing to ask without specifying what you mean by "the aisle", but I think it's trying to get at something interesting, which I'll talk about.

I think the specifics of the violent revolution depicted in Psycholonials is bad. Even the text eventually admits this with the montage of jubulite leaders being assassinated by each other. I think Zhen is a bad person who, throughout the story, almost exclusively does terrible things. And I think the author(s) think many of [...]

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Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

you are going to get pepper sprayed

what's funny is I have absolutely no idea what this is even in reference to

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

Are you a team rocket fanboy or just super italian

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

What is my next question?