Anonymous asked about 1 year ago


With some caveats, definitely! The full-body coverage vibe is not it for me, and the gas mask aesthetic is like, fine, but I love identity suppression and the full-service aspects of it. Techy mind control is also something I adore, especially if it's involved or interesting. Any corporate shit is right out, tho

To me it's ultimately about having a collective of servants, reduced to their unique capabilities and features via intense brainwashing that's then gently maintained via techy helmets to keep them all inked up. Any part of their identity that doesn't serve their new purpose is molded into what fits the collective - a shared experience that is rapidly reflected onto each new arrival. That core's the point, so as long as it hits on that I'm usually good.

Also, the four digit ID thing is a bad idea, you're gonna run out of those basically immediately

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