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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

about your post "Reply to this post with something kinky you've been in the mood for lately, and I'll make an attempt to flirt with you about it" on fedi : what about teasing someone in chastity and denied to cum ? :3

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

Would you be willing to tell us what kind of non-free software/third-parties (aws, etc.) handle triggerphrase mastodon-related data? The instance seems cool but I don't like signing up without knowing this sort of thing.

Certainly 😄 None! It's all stored on hardware I own - though I can't guarantee the same from the servers we federate with.

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

hi same person from the last q you answered: admittedly someone was doing a LOT of heavy lifting yeah. I want to practice hypnotism as a skill but worry muchly about "messing up" because I end up worrying that I'll do something catastrophically wrong, even if my usual kink framework would not allow it. And I am also now just realizing this is not a question. Thank you, regardless, for the response. Maybe I'll give topping a shot soon.

Good luck to you! I think you'll find pretty quickly that 'catastrophically wrong' is, like, very unlikely to be anywhere near on the table. You got this!

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

Break down my mind and make me yours

And what do I get for my trouble, hmm? Broken pets aren't hard to come by.

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

What in your opinion is an underrated sensation to play with when doing hypnotic sensation play?

'Underrated' I'm not sure about, but I'm going to say anything involving like, stuff going inside the body 😄 Especially the ear / brain cavity. It always gets subjects really delightfully squirmy and whimpery. Plus it's one of those cool, kinda-unique-to-hypno things

Anonymous asked 7 months ago

Do you think its possible for someone who has never tried hypnotizing someone (and has like, almost no improv skill developed) to hypnotize someone? Asking for myself, because while I've wanted to try it, I get too nervous to project the confidence like i want, and also worry i wouldn't know how to properly give someone what they want from trance.

Anonymous asked 8 months ago

What are some like, underrated aspects that can make a good V.G.T.?

Underrated, like, globally? When they're wimpy and agencyless. Gamers always complain about that, but we love it when a boy is powerless

Underrated among those who appreciate twinks? I think it's hot when the twink can magically float. There's a like... delicate vibe to it? It's a very gentle way of getting around, I think.

Many asked 8 months ago

Which video game twinks you like do you think you'd lose in a fight against, and which ones would you win against?

Anonymous asked 8 months ago

What are the dominant taxonomies of video game twinks?

  • JRPG twink: The largest group. Can be subdivided into subcategories like 'chosen one', 'ineffecutal viewpoint character' and 'Fire Emblem'.
  • Character action twink: Distinguished by their bouts of edginess. Ranges from characters like 9S to DMC3 Dante. These get the best fanart by far.
  • Fighting game twinks: Dwindling as their natural environment becomes inhospitable. Those who survive often do so by evolving into the rare 'actual queer rep'
  • Dating sim twinks: Eternal and unyielding. The marine life of video game twinks; we will never catalogue them all, and it's futile to even try.
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Anonymous asked 10 months ago


Anonymous asked 10 months ago

I've had lifelong "flinch" reactions that have gradually worn down into freeze reactions around people I trust and it's kinda intense but, very tempting to lean into it and just wait for the other's move. hard to make it seem encouraging though, dont ya think?

Yeah that's rough! If you can communicate that trouble in advance then maybe you won't need to rely so much on seeming one way or another?

Anonymous asked 10 months ago


Okay who left their subject here 😤 Is someone gonna tidy this up or what

Anonymous asked 10 months ago

Ever though about breaking the Habit?

Thought about it, sure. Pretty often 😄 Putting it into practice, though, is more of a challenge - one my current play partners aren't really game for

Anonymous asked about 1 year ago

If you could pick a new subject, how would you like them?

Curious question! I don't know if I can answer it exactly as worded, but I think what I'm not getting to do with the subjects I have is, like, tech kinky computery stuff? It'd be nice to have a subject I felt like I could really really lean into for that, where that's the main thing we do together. That and having them around in person.

That said, it's more important to me that I get along with the subject than we do the kink stuff I'm after, and I'm about to go on holiday for two months anyway so I definitely won't be able to take on anyone new. Maybe after that!

Anonymous asked about 1 year ago

darkest fantasy?

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