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Anonymous asked 8 days ago


With some caveats, definitely! The full-body coverage vibe is not it for me, and the gas mask aesthetic is like, fine, but I love identity suppression and the full-service aspects of it. Techy mind control is also something I adore, especially if it's involved or interesting. Any corporate shit is right out, tho

To me it's ultimately about having a collective of servants, reduced to their unique capabilities and features via intense brainwashing that's then gently maintained via techy helmets to keep them all inked up. Any part of their identity that doesn't serve their new purpose is molded into what fits the collective - a [...]

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Anonymous asked 16 days ago

what is your preffered way to drop or trance someone?

I talk a lot and use a bunch of really good words, then say something with the right emphasis 😄 Yeah, idk, conventional inductions are just the most fun for me. I'm not opposed to leveraging trance triggers, but I think I and the subject both have more fun if I've earned the right to put them under through my skill as a hypnotist, vs. relying on their subbiness / some other contextual advantage.

KhanterWinters asked 24 days ago

In other topic (just to let flow the questions 😄) What is your favorite genre of Music? (I sense a vibe of techno but I might be totally Wrong)

Another tricky one 😄 Couldn't say I have an easy favorite, my tastes are pretty broad, but I do have a few soft spots! Disco, long noodly prog rock, jazz fusion.

KhanterWinters asked 26 days ago

Hi! Saw your pinned post and seen the new "Ask" site and decided to follow :P So to a question: What is your ever prefered Scene?

I appreciate it, thanks 😄

"It depends on the subject" aside, I like scenes that kinda dangle whatever it is the subject wants juuuust out of reach and make them cooperate to get it. Whether that's certain feelings, bodimy sensations, dynamics, whatever, the process of going from out-of-scene to blissful mindlessness or whatever is one I really enjoy exploring and tempting people into.

I could spend all day listing specific ways of accomplishing that, so I won't, but lately I've been trying to practice hypnotically immersive narratives, so the scenes I've been doing have trended towards that.

Anonymous asked 27 days ago

As Tist, what is your preffered Subject?

Tough question! Mostly I like hypnotizing people whose company I enjoy, but I won't deny that I like it when a subject can bring something to the table - things they want to feel or experience, unique perspectives challenges for me to work through as a hypnotist, a mutual appreciation for my enjoyment, etc. I think scenes work a lot better when they're a fusion of all involved parties, instead of just having one side generate all of what's going on.

Anonymous asked about 2 months ago

Can I cultivate a stronger will for domming or switching with partners. I'm very sensitive and they tend to use my concern for them to walk all over me.

I think the first, best advice I would have is that you should talk to your play partners about this! It's real easy for people to get caught up in the play of power dynamics, especially if they aren't used to dealing with kink outside of that framework. If what you want is a chance to dom interrupted, then you may need to ask for their cooperation. It doesn't fit the fantasy so much, but in my opinion that always comes second.

Other than that, if the problem is specifically your concern (which is not a bad problem to have, imo!), one thing that I've found helps is being able to trust your partners to communicate when you [...]

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Anonymous asked 6 months ago


Pretty neutral! One of those things I can do for people if they ask, but there's far better hypnotists out there for it than me 😄

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

I found ur posts on Lex and now I'm so sad u don't live in my state >:( I hope you've been finding cool ppl to play with!

Most of my play partners are in the northern hemisphere, so state lines aren't much of a barrier 😄 Thanks!

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