Strasbourg, France.
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Sweet Bunny · 11mo

Well.. pertanyaan lu masi ada di inbox, jadi otomatis akun lu ada disitu terpampang

Sweet Bunny · 11mo

Hans Hans Hans halo

🎸 · 20 answers · 1y

Happy Valentine's day everyone! Kalo ga punya pacar gapapa, inget biasanya juga sendiri ❤

· 12 answers · 1y

would you ever join a mission to colonize another planet if it meant never returning to earth?

🎸 · 18 answers · 1y

Good afternoon, can you recommend me your all time favorite movie? And don't worry, I accept all genres.

Gerald. · 5 answers · 1y

Any suggestions for your best horror or action movies?

Luciana · 4 answers · 1y

if you choose to be loved or to love? and why??

NOAH · 4 answers · 1y

Thoughts on NOAH?

Noah lucu, Noah baik. Hope you will always surrounded by good people yaa, I love you <3

Hanna · 11 answers · 12mo

tolong beri pencerahan buat org yg maag tp bandel

Sweet Bunny · 1y

hansss kok gw kangen ngobrol sama lu yakk, pdhl obrolan kita lebih banyak lu jdi burung hantu gw😓

Sweet Bunny · 1y

ini sender yang mau ngobrol sama kamu tapi malu hehe, jadi mau disini aja, kamu tau ga kalau kudanil kentutnya dimulut?

Sweet Bunny · 1y

Selamat pagi Hans! Semoga hari kamu lancar jaya!

Good morning juga sender! Terimakasih banyak ya hehehe. Semoga hari kamu juga lebih lancar jayaa :D

Sweet Bunny · 1y

pengen ngobrol sama kamu

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