curious kitten · 8mo

Hii, yaya cayang. Maaf tbtb muncul di retrospring karena kamu engga buka DM.. I saw you passed on my timeline krn mentionan gitu and I think it was you.. Honestly I wonder kamu kemana krn udah ngga pernah lihat & I miss you. Maafffff banget tbtb muncul gini I don't wanna freak you out but I just wanna say that I miss to see your presence. :( Sehat terus yah cayangkuu? Please be happyyyyy! < 3 -Cabi

TEH SABIIII I MISS YOU SO MUCH. maaf aku nggak follow cause I was grieving awhile back, deactivated my old accounts, and made a new one without really having a following spree. I miss you too and I hope you're loved & well! teteh acc-nya yang mana sekarang? followan yuk? ❣️

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