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sabi ૮˙Ⱉ˙ა · 7mo

Finally aku bisa follow kamu di sini! Hewwo cayangku. < 3

curious kitten · 3mo

You're always so hot and smart and beautiful. I wonder why God creates one such as you. So god damn powerful.

curious kitten · 8mo

Hii, yaya cayang. Maaf tbtb muncul di retrospring karena kamu engga buka DM.. I saw you passed on my timeline krn mentionan gitu and I think it was you.. Honestly I wonder kamu kemana krn udah ngga pernah lihat & I miss you. Maafffff banget tbtb muncul gini I don't wanna freak you out but I just wanna say that I miss to see your presence. :( Sehat terus yah cayangkuu? Please be happyyyyy! < 3 -Cabi

TEH SABIIII I MISS YOU SO MUCH. maaf aku nggak follow cause I was grieving awhile back, deactivated my old accounts, and made a new one without really having a following spree. I miss you too and I hope you're loved & well! teteh acc-nya yang mana sekarang? followan yuk? ❣️

curious kitten · 12mo

Today we learn many things. It's not just about love, but about strengthening one another. I hope I can keep you strong until later."

Semangatttt jinji :)

curious kitten · 1y

ikut seneng liat km sekarang drpd dulu maaf aku msh heran kno bs mau sm jamet freak ky alex

plsss this is so unprovoked 😭😭😭 but thanks for being happy for me !!! i AM happy now

Julianne · 46 answers · 1y

just checking up on you guys, how are u feeling?

curious kitten · 1y

Tried to dm you on twitter but couldn't. You wanted a yandere bf?

· 1y

Describe Clary pls¿

my little baby sister, usually thinks both rationally & logically but due to love kepalanya kayak kejedug sedikit hahahah tapi gapapa. very funny and lovely, smart and ambitious, literally everything I like in a woman. caring dan sering reach out duluan (ugh, something I wish I can be) which is amazing cause I am the exact opposite of it and that is why our friendship lasts long. intinya aku sayang Clary always and will be the first person in line of hurting the people who hurt you. just give me names and I'll protect you. always.

curious kitten · 1y

murah banget ya, gonta ganti cowok terus kerjaannya

what can I say? people want me 😩 being an attractive person is sooo tiring omg

curious kitten · 1y

yaya! boleh liat homescreen kamu gak?

curious kitten · 1y

hi, it might sounds inappropriate to ask u this. but have ever get sort of trauma from ur ex? if u have, how did u deal with that?

yes. definitely. and it took more than a year to deal with it, and probably will take more years to genuinely get over it. it was ghastly. during the first two months i kinda isolated myself from everyone else, not really opening up to anyone, really... and then i went (and still go) to therapy almost every week for emotions control & more.. it's not easy but thankfully, with the help of my loving friends, it gets easier with time. if you're dealing with it too, i hope you can heal and experience the best things in life only.. please do knock my dm if you wanna have someone to lean on, i'll try my best to be there for you. 🤍

curious kitten · 1y

HAHAHHAHA seneng bgt liat jawaban km di siniii😂keep shinning guurlll!!

curious kitten · 1y

Genit lo anjing

i flirt for fun honey no feelings attached at all 😘 it's just my gemini venus talkin

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