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Kate Matsuda · 6 answers · 12h

Have you ever been influenced by any influencer? Was there a convincing person on the internet whom you did trust or wanted to trust and decided a purchase upon that? What was your experience?

Kate Matsuda · 4 answers · 4h

Have joined a local gym and started to exercise. Now already feeling how good that is for my lower back. Just my experience so far! How's yours?

Kate Matsuda · 5 answers · 3h

When I would kill a cockroach I am a "hero" when I would kill a butterfly I would be a savage. Do our moral judgements use aesthetic foundations? (according to Nietzsche)

Daniel · 13 answers · 1d

Do you know all the lyrics of the national anthem of the country that you live in?

Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 1d

What is a man who verbally defines himself as: A lion, a killer, a winner, a lady killer. I think that is the definition of a red flag. Is it?

According to my studies of human formation which is an important section in my sigils of magic. A man is the devil. But I can't discuss this in details like what made him that way.

LaDamaX · 14 answers · 4d

Are you a stuffy old man/woman/person in a young person’s body?

Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 4d

Why are you considered an addict when you play eight hours straight some game and then working eight hours is normal?

Because making money. But really life is not normal or natural anymore. Even in the countryside because people don't have an objective other than dying.

Kate Matsuda · 8 answers · 6d

Interesting find: An ultrasonic picture of my liver can be had for 26,82€ . I mean ... it looks clean as if it never has had some beer.

Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 11d

When guys call some other guys 'pussy' it implicates weakness. Why do not they call each other with a different name? It is obviously wrong from a biological point of view and obviously wrong from a functional point of view. So it must have other reason? Ideas?

Pussy or vagina refers to girls that are physically and mentally different than guys.

Kate Matsuda · 7 answers · 15d

What does it say about the mental ste of humanity when they throw a bunch of asparagus on a plate on telly in order to predict the upcoming weather from its pattern? Not a joke. I could relate to tell my fortune from the wrinkles my hair has after getting up this morning though.

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