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I am me.


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Dingus asked 6 days ago · 8 answers

Is less always more?

I would say that quality is more. If that's considered 'less' than yeah I can agree.

Daniel asked about 1 month ago · 14 answers

Could you be friends with a very religious muslim?

Prince asked about 1 month ago · 3 answers

Can you give something valuable if necessary?

No, not anymore. I learned that keeping it is far more valuable than giving to someone who won't appreciate it anywhere near as much.

Arthur asked about 1 month ago · 10 answers

What's a word you don't like for some reason?

LaDamaX asked 28 days ago · 10 answers

Do you get giddy when you see or talk to a previous/current crush?

No. I can move on quickly, but if I desperately hold on then things get very difficult.

Daniel asked 28 days ago · 11 answers

Could you add anything of value to society if you traveled back in time by 2000 years?

LaDamaX asked 27 days ago · 10 answers

Anyone heard from Merida? Haven’t seen her on here in a while.

I haven't but last I heard she enjoys her free time to relax or something.

Daniel asked 26 days ago · 11 answers

What is something rare that you own?

Freedom? At least within me and feeling like I can be me without too much worrying. I don't own items that are particularly rare.

Kate Matsuda asked 23 days ago · 13 answers

What are your favourite pants? Me: Kim (Possible) Pants, tight waist and wide long legs.

I usually dress for comfort, unless it's an event where I should dress appropriately.

parisx asked 26 days ago · 9 answers

How do you feel when people tell you Oh you have it easy? When your working your arse off?

I just continue my day. It doesn't really bother me anymore. Well, the people who have said that arguable have it more difficult than me currently.

Arthur asked 25 days ago · 8 answers

What was the best feeling you felt recently?

Dingus asked 24 days ago · 8 answers

What's something you strive to perfect but know that is impossible to accomplish?

Help out and/or heal every person from traumas, that I meet in life.

Prince asked 24 days ago · 7 answers

Do you like to swim naked?

I haven't tried it. I'm normally go with others when at a pool or beach.

parisx asked 23 days ago · 10 answers

Ohio has made abortion legal. Thoughts?

I dunno, it seems like a subject I'd need to research first before commenting. On what the issues are, for and against it.

Arthur asked 20 days ago · 11 answers

Any tips on flirting with a cute classmate? I'm a complete noob at that.

No idea. Just talk to them with respect, listen to them, have some care and have conversations, and see what happens.

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