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Where I am
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I am me.


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Merida asked 1 day ago · 11 answers

Do you need to talk about your life or daily basis to others? How does it make you feel?

I'm working on finding ways to chat without it.
I feel comfortable doing that though.

LaDamaX asked 2 days ago · 8 answers

What’s something that you think that most people look silly doing if you saw it from afar?

Talking to ourself. But I have met someone who just goes up and asks if they're alright (If there's something wrong). Doesn't make it as silly

Dingus asked 2 days ago · 6 answers

Who makes you feel welcome or unwelcome on here? 👀

In my mind, my mindset has changed. Used to feel unwelcome by everyone, now I don't care if I'm welcome or not. It's nice to feel welcome though.

To answer the question, Sean, Ladama, Inhahe, Penelope, Merida, saturn, Arman and Kate Matsuda. To some extent you. Make me feel welcome. The more I chat, the more I feel welcome by people, basically.

saturn asked 4 days ago · 6 answers

For those of you who have even been in therapy what would your advice be to someone who has never been and wants to?

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago · 14 answers

Don't touch my…

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 14 answers

Crackers and…?

Avocado? Just the first random thing that came to mind.

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 13 answers

When others observe you from afar, what do they see?

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

When’s the last time you “self-cared”? What did you do for yourself?

I just do my hobbies in my free time. Writing, singing, meditation, podcasts, spirituality, reading and sometimes sport, walking, learning languages. That's my self-care and feel better for it.

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 10 answers

What part of your appearance do you strive to maintain or spend the most time/money/energy on?

There was a period where I didn't care but now, it's just having 2 showers a day using soap, then using deodorant (I used to not see a point in deodorant, just showers)
With clothes I'm still dressed for comfort but decent looking.

Arman asked 6 days ago · 9 answers

When was the last time someone rizzed you up?

Kyle asked 5 days ago · 7 answers

What do you have no patience for? How do you react?

Waiting. I'll just find something to do. Patience on the other hand, may be essential to long term benefits, the payout isn't always even though.

rq asked 5 days ago · 10 answers

Does genuine happiness exist or are we all just pretending?

Well, I feel like the closest thing I can get to it is deep interest and dedication. But I think it's possible. I'm just 5 years behind, plus 10 years previous to that. Wrong way and wrong track.

Dingus asked 4 days ago · 5 answers

Have you ever made a lewd or suggestive inquiry by mistake?

Dingus asked 6 days ago · 4 answers

How would you make me or any other stranger on the internet happy? 🤨♟️📖🦆

Be there for them. Try to have their back. Also, learning to open up more humour

Kyle asked 8 days ago · 8 answers

What age were you when you fell in love for the first time?

Feels like I never quite got there. Now my emotions are numbed enough that I may never know. Just gotta keep moving forward, and that's all. Maybe someday I'll find out but I doubt it. I just have a few hobbies that can engage me.

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