Nayaka asked 10 months ago

Hello, Katty! First of all, I'm so sorry for the sudden follow. I just wanted to make friends here and I found your account through my friend's account! I hope you don't mind with my loudness, filling your retro with nonsensical question... 😬 neeways, kenapa ya bapak-bapak kalo naik motor tuh suka ketawa-ketawa? apa gara-gara dia duduk di atas jokes?

Please don’t apologize for that, I’m always open to meeting new faces and I appreciate you having to approach me first! I feel rather fortunate to have been one of the people who gets to listen to you being loud, so please comfortably ramble in my space and I’ll eagerly read into it, see what got you so interested. Aku sangat suka dad jokes, tapi karena aku ngga fasih berbahasa Indonesia, aku rasa aku ngga ngerti sepenuhnya. Aku merasa seperti aku tahu apa yang ingin kamu katakan jadi itu sangat lucu. Maaf, it did make me smile, though. 🥺

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