No matter how beautiful the rose, you should be cautious of being pricked by its sharp thorns. For a fleeting moment, you are able to reflect on yourself in her garden filled with blooming carnations.

The safest sanctuary, Eden.
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A little kindness goes a long way.


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Lost kitten · 1y

hello! in case no one told you this yet, then i'll be the one telling you this; you're doing great, you've done your best, and amazing things are coming to you! :) 💫💛

I appreciate you taking the time to let me know about this, you must have been busy hopping here and there just to remind as many of your friends as you can. Thank you for putting me in your thoughts, pretty, allow me to be the one to tell you that you’ve done a great job, I’m proud of you for never getting tired of showering those around you with kindness, you’ve constantly done your best and I hope you get rewarded for it. Do me a favor and always be happy, will you?

johfamking · 1y

Hi I love you, thank you.

Hello, I received this in my notifications and it brought a smile to my face! Thank you for showering everyone with love once again, brother. I love you, too! 🤍

Lost kitten · 1y

"It's okay to be sad after making the right decision in a relationship" What will you do to overcome that sadness?

yoru · 10 answers · 1y

Anger is a feeling that you can’t brush off easily, for some people. How do you cool it down, though?

I rarely get angry, but when I do, I try to distance myself from others. Not because they did something wrong, but I’m worried I would say something hurtful and regret it later. I’ll only come back when I feel like I can face them again, with my emotions collected and all.

krski · 1y

Kathie, if you can name me what you love about yourself, what would that be?

Truth be told, I’m still in the process of loving myself to the fullest, but if there’s anything I feel like it’s worth mentioning is the fact that my feelings are genuine. Whenever I take the time to write letters, every word comes from the bottom of my heart. While I do this to try and paint a smile on my friends’ face, I learned that they would be moved which leads to them crying, which made me realize that kindness like this should be done more often.

Dami · 1y

In a desperate attempt to not go back to the same 3 songs I always listen to, please tell me your current fav song! :3

I’ve been playing Taylor Swift’s songs in her “Lover” album and one of them which I never get tired of listening to is “False God,” — I’m not sure if it will suit your taste but consider adding it to your playlist to check, please!

Lost kitten · 1y

Are you happy to be considered important in someone's life?

I am! 🥺 I’m sure everyone meets a lot of people, comes across new faces every now and then, but in the middle of all that and they consider my presence important in their lives, it makes me very happy! I feel grateful at the thought of that and it should serve as a reminder for me that my existence is treasured! ☺️

yoru · 10 answers · 1y

One random little thing that makes you happy after a bad day, have you ever experienced it? What was it?

Oh, I love it the most whenever I open my notifications and find myself being mentioned in a tweet that reminds them of me: Not only that, but when they come to approach me privately just to check on how I’m doing. It’s the little acts like that which helps improve my mood!

yoru · 8 answers · 1y

Are you the type of person who cooks something simple when you’re lazy or you’ll just starve yourself?

Is it bad that I tend to starve myself because I’m too lazy to get up from bed most of the time to make something to eat... It’s not, right..

Nayaka · 1y

Hello, Katty! First of all, I'm so sorry for the sudden follow. I just wanted to make friends here and I found your account through my friend's account! I hope you don't mind with my loudness, filling your retro with nonsensical question... 😬 neeways, kenapa ya bapak-bapak kalo naik motor tuh suka ketawa-ketawa? apa gara-gara dia duduk di atas jokes?

Please don’t apologize for that, I’m always open to meeting new faces and I appreciate you having to approach me first! I feel rather fortunate to have been one of the people who gets to listen to you being loud, so please comfortably ramble in my space and I’ll eagerly read into it, see what got you so interested. Aku sangat suka dad jokes, tapi karena aku ngga fasih berbahasa Indonesia, aku rasa aku ngga ngerti sepenuhnya. Aku merasa seperti aku tahu apa yang ingin kamu katakan jadi itu sangat lucu. Maaf, it did make me smile, though. 🥺

Nayaka · 1y

Hello! Can we be friends?

Hi there! I’m not sure how you managed to find me but I hope I didn’t set a bad impression from far away. When you followed me, I thought we already knew each other, but I have to give kudos to you for mustering the courage in approaching me first (this does not happen to me often, believe it or not, so I’m rather pleased to see your presence here!) Please do send me a follow if you wish to be friends through our cyber handles, too, I’m more than eager to welcome you.

Zamora · 1y

If 'I love you' disappears, what will you use instead?

“Please take good care of yourself,” because I want to spend a long time with you by my side. I didn’t necessarily include “be happy” because life can be unpredictable, but instead I will go with “you’ll have me to overcome bad days with.”

Lost kitten · 1y

Katie, Katie! You’re so full of positivity and it got me wondering; how do you cope when you’re feeling out of energy? Other words, it’s the time when you’re feeling down. Mayhaps you can share your tips to motivate the other! And by the way, have a good one today, precious. ⭑

Lost kitten · 1y

You're always throwing love to everyone, does it tire you, being an angel all the time? 🥺

Well, you’re here anonymously giving me a reason to smile with the sudden compliment, so do you ever find it tiring, being a real sweetheart? I bet you don’t, because a lot of people would love to have you in their lives, I was lucky to have you in mine.

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