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The Unknown · 1mo

Reigner, long time no see!

Hello and thank you for dropping by. It's been awhile, indeed. How are you faring so far? I hope everything is going well on your side.

Emily · 2 answers · 2mo

What was your best holiday? Let me know!

Apa ya.. I think that one trip when I spent one week away from home. Soalnya baru pertama kali keluar rumah selama itu.

Emily · 2 answers · 2mo

Please suggest me something to eat :D no greasy food, please

The Unknown · 2mo

What's the best way to approach you?

Anyone can approach and talk to me through direct message, I believe it's the best way to approach someone. My DM is open for everyone.

The Unknown · 2mo

Hello, Reign! This is me again (the one who asked song recommendations two days ago). Thank you for recommending me your playlist, I think our music taste is kinda similar (based on your playlist). Anyway, how's your Sunday?

Welcome back and you're welcome, I'm glad if it suits your taste. My day went well today too, thank you for asking. I watched many videos on YouTube for most of the time and played some games (I'm trying to spend my weekend happily because tomorrow is Monday). How's yours, though? I hope you're having a good one too.

The Unknown · 2mo

What did you learn from your past relationships, Rei?

To be authentic instead of pretending to be someone that you are not just to align more with other's interests, realising that relying on someone is different from being dependent on someone, and many other things. I learned a lot.

Emily · 3 answers · 2mo

What is your ideal type of lover? Personality wise.

Personality wise, my ideal type is someone that's gentle, mature, and independent. I find it extremely charming when a woman knows what she wants and knows her own worth. To set your own principles and boundaries aren't something that everyone is capable to do, for so many reasons. I also like someone that's emphatic and sincere, but not naive.

The Unknown · 2mo

Yum yum, that must be delicious! Oh, could you please recommend me some good musics to accompany me doing my work? Thank you in advance!

Are you still working so late at night? Good luck for that, I hope you can finish it real soon!

Since I don't know about your music taste, let me just drop my newest playlist that I keep listening too. Perhaps you can find a good song or two that might suit your liking (I hope so since my music taste is really random). I hope you like it.

The Unknown · 2mo

Oh really? Glad to know that you had a great day today. Mine was kinda same with your. Anyway, what's your favorite food?

I'm delighted to hear that then. I love Japanese curry and sushi especially the one with salmon. I bought a lot of it today, it was delicious.

Emily · 3mo

Hi, Reign! What is your favorite season and why?

I used to love the winter season but now I prefer autumn. I love the cool weather and love to feel it directly as the temperatures everywhere start to go down and drop.

The Unknown · 2mo

How's your day, Reigner?

It's been great, thank you for asking. I did some unfinished work in the morning (WFH) and took a long nap after that. I bought and ate my favourite food too to boost my mood. How's yours? I hope your day went well for you too.

Emily · 2 answers · 3mo

If you had chance to fix one relationship in the past, which one you will choose to fix?

Probably the one with my old fams. I left without saying anything and I still think about that until now. But I genuinely hope they're doing well in their lives!

The Unknown · 3mo

Empathy or Blossom? Choose your fighter!

The Unknown · 3mo

What's your most favorite song from D.O?

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