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Reigner · 5 answers · 15d

Kalau nggak bisa tidur, biasanya kalian ngapain?

Biasanya scroll tiktok. Fypku kebetulan isinya ajaib in a good way. Let me know if you want some good recs videos!

Reigner · 4 answers · 15d

Would you rather go the movies or watch movies at home?

I really love watching movies in theatre! I always do it as “me time” agenda.

Reigner · 5 answers · 19d

What's your current favorite song?

I really love Lee Mujin’s Propose. No one propose me but yeah, I love that song a lot!

a fox · 28d

Kamu tidak mendukung aku dan ayato hamil bersama kah...?? 🤰🏻 padahal aku woman alpha yang bisa bikin ayato hamil ☹️☹️☹️☹️

Aku tau kamu alpha woman tapi kamu jenis alphaLINK, agak susah hamil dengan keyboard 😊😊

Reigner · 4 answers · 28d

What’s one of your short term goals?

Fixing my sleeping hour. It got messy again, so I really want to go back to my old patter but it’s really hard 🥲

Reigner · 4 answers · 28d

If you could change one thing about your life today, what would it be?

Seeing this question got me think so hard. I want to change everything but I reached this point with so much blessings & lessons, I think I don’t really want to change a thing. Or maybe, I just want to change my heart so I can forgive people.

Reigner · 1mo

I notice that you love makeup and skincare and I also know that it takes many steps to create such a flawless look. Out of those many steps, do you have that one particular step that you love doing the most? (Example: applying moisturizer? Lipstick?)

Thank you for noticing that 😆 for skincare, I always love applying serum to my face! I just love it when those good things touch my face 🥹 for makeup, I love when I finished doing my complexion. My skin look so good with perfect application of my base makeup 😍

Reigner · 1mo

Can you recommend me a horror movie? I'm still looking for a good one or two to watch soon.

🧐 I haven’t watch much lately, the latest was only Exhuma. Have you watched “The 8th Night”? It has a good storyline!

Reigner · 3 answers · 1mo

What is the basic principle of your life?

That I will live my life honestly. As much as things get so hard, I don’t want to lie just to get my own benefit & hurt people.

a fox · 1mo

Kata yayangto udah 6 bulan,, ap aku harus jadi istri suportif dan ikut hamil 🤰🏻

Iya benar, kamu sebaiknya suportif dgn ikut hamil dan Ayato sebaiknya suportif dgn membawa kamu ke psikiater <3

a fox · 1mo

Emy help... aku hamilin ayato ....

Reigner · 4 answers · 1mo

Do you think dreams have deeper meanings?

Yes! In fact, I’ve been “warned” by some of my dreams since years ago. Some already happened, some of the as reminder for me until today that I’m just a flower that’ll quickly fading. This only valids to dreams that I still remember from years ago. Some of them, I believe, just my deepest desire that can’t happen in my real life and lay deep down inside my mind.

Reigner · 4 answers · 1mo

I hope you'll have a great day tomorrow. 😁

Aaaa thank you for the kind wish. I am wishing you a great day ahead. May you sleep soundly tonite! Hihi

· 26 answers · 2mo

what kind of flowers you love the most? 💐

I love sunflower & orange roses the most. Lately, I started to like Orchid, but maybe because that’s my mom’s favorite flower.

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