Shenina Summer.
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Someone · 7mo

Kemana? Kok udah jarang keliatan?

Eh iya, I’m currently busy living, loving, and having fun around. I’ll catch up with anything later on. Jadi enak dicariin. 🙏🏻

𝑆𝑢𝑟𝑖 𝑀𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑙𝑑𝑎 𝐶. · 15 answers · 8mo

If you could associate yourself with a character (from a book, movie, cartoon, AU, or anything), who would that be and why?

Serenity · 15 answers · 7mo

What’s your comfort movie(s)? Mind telling me a bit of its premise ?

Pride and Prejudice. To unite in marriage, two souls confront the obstacles posed by their own pride and prejudiced perceptions. It narrates the tumultuous connection between Elizabeth Bennet, a country gentleman’s daughter, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy aristocratic landowner. But eh, I bet you have watched this movie, Serenity?! 🥹🤍

Someone · 8mo

Seneng akhirnya bisa mutualan dan interaksi sama kamu HEHE

Hai, lucunya! Ini siapa? Jangan sungkan ya sama aku, semoga nanti kita bisa lebih dekat lagi! 🥺

Someone · 8mo

Kamu keren banget serius

Someone · 9mo

You left my head a mess girl, what'd you do that for. Now I'm up too late just thinking about you more– (Please give it a listen, pretty.)

Please. I love listening to Nightly as well! It’s so sweet the way you’re dedicating ‘shirt’ to me. You left your mark when you left me pacing. Thinking maybe I should call. You left me falling head first. You left more than just a stain on my shirt. Goddamn!

Someone · 9mo

Lagi deket sama ava heeseung ya?

Hah, karena tweetsnya tadi kah? Btw, enggaaa.. hahaha. Tapi kalau ada yang mau majuin boleh. 🙏🏻

Someone · 9mo

Shen. Sorry for this sudden message. I'm not your mutual, but you frequently pop up on my timeline, and I think you're attractive ngl. Would you be up for being friends with me? But I'm not that confident to make a move, even just to say hi. 😅

A pleasant (late) evening to you, sender. I apologize if I appear to look intimidating or seem hard to approach for you, but hey of course I would love to be your friend, I welcome anyone who wants to befriend me, you may send me a DM so maybe I can be the one to follow you first then? Aha.

Someone · 9mo

Not only that you are pretty, you are sweet, smart, and cute. Happy birthday ya Shenina, keep on shining!

No way, this is so cute! Thank you so much, dear sender. May today bring so much joy to you as much as you give to me through this anonymous message. ♥️🐈‍⬛

Someone · 9mo

Hello, Shenina! First of all sorry for the sudden appear on your retrosping, and second, I hope you're having a great Sunday today.

I just wanted to say that your videos and photos suddenly appeared on my timeline, and I was a little (well, actually, a lot) mesmerized by them. You look absolutely beautiful, I enjoy looking at you. Hehe. That's all.

I hope you are always surrounded by happiness and may your Monday go smoothly and beautifully as well! Good night, cantik.

Oh hi there! I shall be the one to thank you for sparing your time visiting my Retro to leave me such a cute message. I was having a blessed and a blast Sunday. Another thank you for the compliments you gave me, it makes me smile and I appreciate it a lot. Because you seem like having a certain contentment by staring at me, you may keep on doing so.. aha. I hope the same for you ya, may your Monday be filled with goodness and happiness, a beautiful soul like you deserves it all. 🤍

Someone · 9mo

Zodiac signs you would love to date?

Ga mandang Zodiac sebenernya, tapi okedeh kalo disuruh pilih. Libra, Aries, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio.

Someone · 9mo

Shenina ini S nya jodoh saya ya?

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