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What’s your comfort movie(s)? Mind telling me a bit of its premise ?

Promising Young Woman! Cassie is a woman who leads a seemingly double life. As she has one motive to lure men by pretending to be drunk; completely sober, she uses their predatory behavior to confront them and expose their hypocrisy.

For me, it’s “Midnight in Paris." Ceritanya tuh tentang penulis yang pergi ke Paris buat cari inspirasi menulis. Terus dia time-travel ke tahun 1920an dan ketemu orang-orang terkenal pada masa itu. This movie shows the easiness of falling out of love(?) I always long to be loved, and it means i’m scared of being left. But being told that falling out of love isn't always as scary as i thought, it gives me comfort. <3

Not comfort movie actually, but the movie that I have been my favorite since the first I watched it was All Quiet on the Western Front. It tells about a World War II using Germany perspectives—as we knew, people went to war were so eager and energized, also willing to do anything for their country once they were assigned as part of the military but the moment it leads on, the reality kicked in and there were lot of facts that they didn't discover yet. The movie particularly gave a lot of details about it—that war is in fact scary and we are still lose in the end no matter what if we win, we are still lose.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love and the Billionaire. Both are Thai movies, and I got exposed to the fluttering and raw romance of high schoolers in one, and a journey of life in the other through my youth period left me with lively and lingering sentiments to this day.

The banshees of inisherin. It's about 2 bestfriend on very small island, one of them suddenly get tired of the other and didn't wanna be friend anymore.

Pride and Prejudice. To unite in marriage, two souls confront the obstacles posed by their own pride and prejudiced perceptions. It narrates the tumultuous connection between Elizabeth Bennet, a country gentleman’s daughter, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy aristocratic landowner. But eh, I bet you have watched this movie, Serenity?! 🥹🤍

Hmm one hard question, but I think 'Love, Rosie' will always have a special place in my heart. I love how they made all over the plot is not a rushed type plot, and if you are someone who's into romcom or slice of life genre, I think you'll love this one. Tapi mah kalo mau romcom, emang kejayaannya itu dari tahun 80-00 (top amay).

10 Things I Hate About You, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. I don't have any exact reason but yea ;) I love both of them so much to the part that I always told my surroundings how much I treasure it!

cinderella 1950... gak perlu aku jelasin kan kenapa 🧘‍♀️💆‍♀️

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