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Anonymous · 11mo

What are your favorite animals?

Epsi · 20 answers · 2mo

apparently people are doing this "What animals/characters/concepts/things do you associate me with?" thing so I'll bite too, maybe I can get inspiration for things. So what themes/characters/animals/whatever do people associate with me?

inb4 "sip"

Anonymous · 11mo

How old are you?

I wish I could say 20 or at least 25. But the truth is, I'm already 30 years old.

Anonymous · 2mo

What is a habit you picked up from your parents?

Nothing really, when I think about it. However, I do have a habit of staying awake longer than I should and turning night into day. I got that from my aunt on my father's side.

Orange Lantern · 3 answers · 4mo

If you could freely shapeshift into three animal forms, which ones would you choose?
(and maybe "why" for flavour)

  1. Dragon
    Because duhhhh! I would be a fucking dragon!

  2. Sabre-Toothed Tiger
    Since they're extinct, but I still find them cool. Roaming around in the wilderness would be quite an experience in this form.

  3. Wolf
    They are one of my favorite animals.

I'd really like to say 'As an orca', but the depths of the sea and the ocean terrify me. More than anything else. 😨

Orange Lantern · 3 answers · 8mo

If you could pick a fictional world to live in from any media (games, novels etc.), which one would you choose and why? :)

Anonymous · 8mo

Did you ever skip school, and if so, for what reasons?

Yes, and not just sometimes. It was because I was consistently bullied, and both the teachers and the school administration did nothing about it, no matter how many times my parents complained. I saw no other way to escape from it.

Orange Lantern · 2 answers · 8mo

If you could pick a spirit animal, what would you choose?

Anonymous · 8mo

Under what circumstances would you give your ex-partner another chance?

What ex are you talking about? 🤨 I'm still asexual and aromantic, so I won't be engaging in any romantic relationships. One problem less I need to deal with.

Anonymous · 8mo

How do you deal with toxic players in MMORPGs?

I tend to become toxic myself when I encounter incompetent players in max-level content or players who insist on teaching new players completely wrong things. It does indeed matter, if you are a non-tank, not to stand in front of the freaking boss in old content, whether it's the Crystal Tower raids or not.

When you get constantly cleaved from the boss and end up dead in the dirt, you're not being helpful to anyone and simply becoming a burden, especially for the healers who have to keep resurrecting you.

Or when players intentionally misuse boss mechanics or use their own abilities to intentionally kill their teammates.

Yaseen · 16 answers · 8mo

Would you go to the arcade with me? We can play Daytona, DDR, Guitar Hero, Crazy Taxi, and whatever other games that an arcade would have. <3

Anonymous · 9mo

If you could decide, who would be your chosen companion to spend your time with?

That's an easy one! With Zenos (viator) Galvus. Unfortunately, he doesn't exist in real life, and that makes me infinitely sad. I basically would abandon my sexual orientation (aroace) entirely just for him.

That said, he would be more than just my companion, hehe.

Orange Lantern · 2 answers · 9mo

Which household chore do you absolutely hate and try to delegate whenever possible? Which one don't you mind?

The majority of the household chores are managed by my mother, as she has always done. And we take care of the rest, that's how we deal with it.

So, I can't say if there's a specific household chore that I absolutely hate.

Yaseen · 14 answers · 9mo

If I became a plushie (limited-edition) would you snuggle with me at night?

No. There is only one plushie I would snuggle with. One of the most favorite plushies from my deceased dog Amy. Just to feel close to her again. And when I had a -really- bad day.

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