Mage Robot, I do obscure Nintendo retro stuff / Artwork by MadelynHimegami

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Mage Coward asked 7 days ago

How did you also extract video files from .rtf in CD-I games?

opt_fr_ had made a tool for it I think it was called CD-i Image Drawer or something, I tested it a lot with him.

Mage Coward asked 7 days ago

When searching up “Meteos Online” on Twitter, I saw your tweets from a few years ago. Did you get anywhere with that search?

Mage Coward asked 8 days ago

Hello. I saw you extracted audio from Hotel Mario like a decade ago. Do you still remember how you did it?

I used PS1 audio rippers like jpsxdec for it because both PS1 and CD-i games uses the CD-ROM XA audio standard.

Mage Coward asked 10 days ago

How is Nintendo approaching colour with GBC and GBA games?
I know some GBA games had special palettes when plugged into the Game Boy Player. But some games look fine tuned for a better result. Also GBC games look very nice, better than what the usual colour correction option in an emulator can achieve.

Basically, using the raw color info from the GBA as is, is not necessarily a good idea so you try to change the saturation and gamma over it, maybe even brightness.
This page shows a real idea of how things are pretty much considered by the community in terms of color processing when you try to appear closer to the actual screens of the GBA. Though GBA NSO seems to be debatable in terms of "accuracy" but to be fair maybe they wanted to "improve" the colors in their own way.

Mage Coward asked 11 days ago

What do you think is going on about the lack of Super Game Boy functionality?

Mage Coward asked 14 days ago

For some reason, the only Mario Artist that works on my ED64P (NTSC/North America) is Polygon Studio, any idea of why this is happening? I'm using Alt64, and Polygon Studio works perfectly as far as I can see, but the others boot to a black screen, no music from what I remember. And I don't THINK it's a problem with my TV since only Paint Studio runs in 480i, so there should be no output differences between Polygon and Talent Studio, but if there is that might be the problem
Thanks in advance!

Paint Studio does not run at 480i except at the title screen. Unfortunately I do not know what's the issue, I assume you have an Expansion Pak since Polygon Studio does work, but the rest, sorry, I'm not really able to help.

Mage Coward asked 29 days ago

Could you find me Mario Artist Game Maker?

It doesn't exist. It was never a Mario Artist game. Also why do you even ask me?

Mage Coward asked about 1 month ago

I was reading through your Retro Switch Online App Research file and I was taken aback by your mention of an NES version of Sutte Hakkun. Sutte Hakkun is one of my favorite puzzle games (I've played through both the SNES and unreleased GB version), so hearing about this was a surprise to me. Is there any other mention of the title outside of it appearing on Master Lists? I'm curious as to how you found out it's a complete build. It really sucks how there's been multiple completed games that go unreleased.

The master list only lists completed master ROMs. I heard that it was originally made for FDS at one point as part of a seminar, but that's about it.

Mage Coward asked about 1 month ago

I'd be surprised if the N64 Expansion Pak, which was required for the 64DD, was meant to be an analogue to the RAM Adapter cartridge on the FDS. You think Nintendo released it earlier than expected for third-parties to tinker with while the add-on was delayed?

Nah it's just that Nintendo decided to force it for 64DD.
The RAM Adapter cartridge for FDS was outright required to even load anything big enough in memory.
The N64 already does this to load from cartridge instead because you can't really run code directly from it without massive slowdowns, so 64DD really didn't need the Expansion Pak.

Mage Coward asked about 2 months ago

Is there hardware limits to why the 64DD requires the expansion pak or could it run it without it if they modified the IPL?

No, it's purely arbitrary, 64DD can run without it.

Mage Coward asked about 2 months ago

Does 64DD emulation require significantly more processing power than standard N64 emulation, or is it just a matter or getting the thing to work and it's basically the same?

No, absolutely not, it's just a disk drive and a clock without any additional processing in it.

Mage Coward asked about 2 months ago

What are the biggest challenges preserving video games made for "modern" Apple platforms (Classic Mac OS, macOS, iOS, tvOS, iPad OS)?

I wish I could tell you but I don't know anything about that.

Mage Coward asked about 2 months ago

Is PlayStation the enemy of video game preservation

They're absolutely terrible at their attempt at rereleasing older games

Mage Coward asked 3 months ago

What did you mean by recreation of Game 112? I didn't seem to find much other than reviews or the small snip in warioware inc. It would have to be done as a simulation I believe rather than emulation, if I had to take a guess nintendo color tv games would probably be TTL chips.

I meant I saw recreations of the Color TV Game models but that's about it.

Mage Coward asked 3 months ago

Luigiblood, I know you love the obscure stuff like I do. Do you have any interest in the Color TV Games? is there any sort of emulation mainly for racing game 112? I've searched and searched I would love to give it a try. Thanks!

I'm curious about them, but I don't think that can be emulated yet, there's only a recreation that I can find on Google.

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