Luna Saphira Dragofelis
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fristi asked 9 days ago · 17 answers

You're at McDonald's, what do you order?

tillian asked 8 days ago · 6 answers

What type of horror scares the shit out of you the most?

vyivel asked 8 days ago · 14 answers

What non-expensive gift you personally would be happy to receive?

Kimby asked 5 days ago · 3 answers


fristi asked 18 days ago · 16 answers

Important question: what is your favorite type of hat?

Puniko asked 18 days ago · 22 answers

where do you see fedi in 10 years?

Hopefully it'll become the primary mainstream social media.

Puniko asked 18 days ago · 29 answers

rain or snow?

Miya Ironami asked 17 days ago · 17 answers

What's your favourite thing on your desk?

the f00fy one asked 17 days ago · 11 answers

How do your like your tea? What are your favorite teas?

Chamomile, either pure or mixed with peppermint.

Kimby asked 16 days ago · 3 answers

You see a bunny, what you do?

enjoy looking at it from a distance, to not scare it.

vyivel asked 16 days ago · 10 answers

You become an animal (other than a human). Which one?

shroomie asked 14 days ago · 7 answers

you have to learn an new instrument, it doesn't matter if you already know an instrument (if you do, do tell me!) as this is a new instrument, which one do you choose?

vyivel asked 13 days ago · 9 answers

What's your opinion on the concept of marriage?

The idea of a formal vow of love: good. It should be available to everyone and not restricted to heteroromantic and/or monogamous people though.

Mia Rose Winter asked 11 days ago · 5 answers

How many gays does a gay gay in order to gayly gay

tillian asked 10 days ago · 8 answers

What is your favorite drink? You can answer with multiple options

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