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Arthur asked 19 days ago · 9 answers

What's your new year's resolution?

LaDamaX asked 28 days ago · 14 answers

How do you respond to a text that says “I’m thinking about you” ?

LaDamaX asked about 1 month ago · 14 answers

Your thoughts on the possibility of the existence of an afterlife. What do you base these thoughts/opinion on?

I don't think there is an afterlife. Clearly there is a substantial connection between brain states and mental states. When certain areas of the brain are damaged, people suffer from mental impairments according to the brain damage. Why should your self be completely intact when all of your brain is dead?

Arthur asked about 1 month ago · 7 answers

Transit question: can you come up with a scientific explanation about why BMW drivers are the worst drivers?

Due to the aggressive looking design of the cars, BMW is associated with confidence and dominance. People who look for these features in a car may be also dominant and too confident themselves, leading to a reckless, egoistical driving style

Arthur asked about 2 months ago · 14 answers

If I gave you a rose, what would you give me back?

Kate Matsuda asked 2 months ago · 10 answers

What will be the difference between colonising Mars and colonising America? - Thoughts?

Kate Matsuda asked 3 months ago · 13 answers

Do you sleep in a dark and sheltered room or more openly so the sun can enter each morning? More on the chill side or more on the warm and cosy side?

Arthur asked 3 months ago · 7 answers

Is it good to have opossums in your yard sometimes?

Arthur asked 3 months ago · 11 answers

Is is easy to (legally) immigrate to the US?

Pandy asked 3 months ago · 14 answers

At what age would you say you were at your 'best looking'?

Arthur asked 3 months ago · 10 answers

Is it possible to induce some global freezing to fight global warming? I can't stand summer temps in winter anymore (they're predicting 40°C for this week) 🙄

idk, unfortunately retrosprings climate scientist left months ago

Arthur asked 4 months ago · 12 answers

Computer question: is it difficult to build a PC?

If you mean putting together the components: no.
If you mean fabricating the components: yes, there not many things that are more difficult.

Arman asked 4 months ago · 9 answers

When was the absolute least fun time in your country's history?

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