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Anonymous Coward · 17d

ini revegards, Iya gw masih ada, like I said, lo ngespill gw gak akan ngaruh sama gw, gw masih dispill di tempat lain di komunitas lain, kemarin komunitas genshin, gw akan ngerecokin semua komunitas online

Aby · 4mo

Udah pernah cobain cromboloni belum? Di tempat aku ngga ada soalnya.. Review please

AKU BELOM PERNAH… Kamu kapan ke Indo, udara jkt udah kangen kamu. Nanti kita coba cromboloni bareng

Aby · 4mo

Mamad udah punya berapa rencana bukber nih

Udah punya 10. Minggu ini sama temen kantor, minggu depan sama keluarga besar, minggu depan lagi sama keluarga pacar, minggu depan lagi mantan, minggu depan lagi sama Ariana Grande, minggu depan lagi sama

Anonymous Coward · 7mo

Just an anonymous coward who wants to express longing for you. By the way, happy new year, Maddie. I hope this year brings you abundant happiness. May God always bless you too.

I’m open up for a talk, in private way. Yes, happy new year anonymous coward. /jk 😂 Hope same goes to you! Anyway, how was your day, sender?

Anonymous Coward · 7mo

I miss you

Anonymous Coward · 7mo

Ga mau fwa an aja?

Anonymous Coward · 1y

I'm so glad we're still mutual lol, I'll be back on CA after my apprentice program at the campus. -revegards, ethan, fake elliott you name it. ps: i already know your instagram, gue rela ngebayar jasa doxxing demi cari rl lo doang gila hahaha

Ruizekiel · 3 answers · 1y

How is it now that somehow you're a strangеr?
You were mine just yеsterday

Eyon! . ݁₊ ⊹ . ݁˖ . ݁ · 6 answers · 7mo

before 2023 ends, may i get your impression about me? i'm quite curious! (if it's not bothering you)

Anonymous Coward · 7mo

someone you love and hate??

Anonymous Coward · 7mo

Kapan ngadmin lagi?

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