Fremder asked about 1 year ago

imagine death and puss taking a walk at night and looking at the beautiful stars and saying cute and sometime cheesy stuff to each other 🥹💞

This is something that would absolutely start with playful banter and messing with each other and then one of them says something that is a bit too cute to be teasing (def death to puss) and then puss tries to counter with something even more cheesy or teasing him to say more.... until death realises puss is just basking in compliments and then tries to turn the situation around to get him REALLY flustered lmao

I can just imagine them laying on some meadows and it ends up with death laying over puss to fluster him (but then him pushing death off and turnung tHAT around on him as well,,,, hhh)
ok sometimes being extremely gay undeaneath the starry sky is just really nice lmao

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