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Fremder 路 1y

Do you plan to continue the death puss body swap au? 馃

Oh boy is this a kind of late reply....
I kinda am 馃檭
Tho I'm currently in an utter chaos of too many ideas not enought time nor energy to do anything about them 馃槄馃槄
I have like 2 multichapter fanfics and 4 other mini things I wanna write and don't even get me started on the amount of drawn wips and sketches I wanna work on 馃ゴ
So in short, yeah I actually wanna continue that body swap au real bad but u know T w T

Fremder 路 1y

Oh鈥 I was hoping I鈥檇 asked you to draw Puss wearing a dress of red and Death would romantically tear the dress before he could鈥 um鈥 smashed the cat ever so gentle鈥? Sorry鈥 馃挅馃専

Ouf.... I'm not too big of a fan of drawing character I headcanon as trans in dresses, sorry y w y
(for me personally it makes me a bit uncomfy... not a fan, sorry q w q;; )
(I would however draw the same with a sexy red shirt and pants lmao bc,,,, yes)

Fremder 路 1y

What if someone says that they can鈥檛 do commission and just asked for a request still? Because they do want more of Puss/Death steaming moment and maybe you can put your digital drawing in archive of our own like you used to for your teacher/student au?

Oooooooohhhh if you have sth good and steamy go ahead and try! And if it's sth specific from my own fanfic then chances are even higher that I may draw it :3c
I JUST really cannot make any promises due to... well adhd brain (and thus bad time management)

Fremder 路 1y

Can you do request? 馃挅馃専

Sorry but not anymore!
I would say it REAAALLY depends on what it is (like anything kitty/puss/death or related to the three maybe) anything else is a no y w y;;;
but I have my commissions open now for anything more specific!

Fremder 路 1y

Sorry I didn鈥檛 mean to upset you and I have no idea you鈥檝e got like 32 unfinished sketches, and I thought I was the only one who had those problem with 56 unfinished sketches I had in store that are traditionally and digitally 馃挅馃専

OH GOSH, absolutely no upsetting done here!! Sorry I should've been more clear about it that it was all meant in a half joking manner ; w ;

also the problem with the unfinished stuff is kinda new for me usually I'm a get-this-done-immediately kinda guy bc ether now or never.... but now that time is a little bit more sparce for me, the sketches are just piling up x w x;;; oooff, so I guess I'm new to the club! Hello xD

Fremder 路 1y

I saw your 9 unfinished arts and I think you finished the ones that you almost finished 馃挅馃専

y-you say that like it's easy T___T * sketches 32 new things *
but that's just not how my brain works sadly, so I just randmly pick whatever it prefers at the moment x'D * sobs *

Fremder 路 1y

馃挅Don鈥檛 you think Puss and Death would be able to have sex in Teacher/Student AU馃挅

..... would they now? ewe
Oooh do I have a few treats for you, hahaha as soon as I can get to upload this 猫w茅
Since I have managed to get to chap 14 now I will see what I can manage bc I want ya'll to read it so badly things are... I don't wanna spoil too much, but Puss is gonna have to do some serious reflecting after this hahahahaha

Fremder 路 1y

Transmasc Death 馃ズ馃憠馃憟

Hella good, so incredibly good, there should be more stuff for trans death I swear
And oh man I would love to do more with that idea tbh if I wasn't so insane about trans!puss with cis!death lmao

Someone write or draw some T4T deathpuss bc I can't rn T w T it'd be such a fun idea to explore honestly, it sounds like it'd be so incredibly interesting
(Honestly,,, get me a more specific idea about transmasc death and I'll....... * gets out pen and paper * )

Fremder 路 1y

DeathPuss au where Puss is this prince who constantly is out of his castle out of pure rebelliousness, and Muerte is an enemy assassin from an opposing kingdom, but when they both meet Puss is currently trying to hide from his kingdom and keep his identity hidden, and Muerte has no idea who the hell this ginger kitty is. And it's just this whole adventure with them hiding something very big from each other, kinda like SpyXFamily (SORRY ABOUT THIS LONG ASS TEXT)

Ok honestly, not that much into royalty AUs bc they often turn out the same and thus boring to me.... BUT.... this one sounds damn interesting tbh
So they meet and kinda hide from the same people which probably also befriends them and without them both knowing why which is so juicy, esp when they end up so deep into each other and then the twist comes out and WHAT WILL THEY DO THEN?! ewe oohohoho

Fremder 路 1y

Piss in Boots (watersports edition) 馃槑

Idk if this was entirely asked as a joke or not but IDC....
I AM SO,,,, HEAVILY SURPRISED that my brain hasn't done anything of the like ?!?!?!?! With my bff teasing me about my piss kink so much I swear,,, how have I not the typo is so easy to make AND YET

But also in combination with marking things that belong to you 馃槑馃憣馃憣
I swear I'm like one stupid thought away from an intense watersports scene with the two ///cries or any of the 3 for that matter

Fremder 路 1y

I always had headcannoned an idea that I never did anything with. Because of the TikTok videos with Puss dancing and doing ASMR, I headcanon that the entire movie is a production in their world, and that the wolf is also just an actor within that production and the wolf and Puss are actually really good friends. (Bonus: The wolf is actually a huge softie irl and falls in love with Puss鈥 acting)

Pls pls pls can we make a madds mikkelsen kind of actor of the wolf?!?!? Like always playing the best villains ever and actually he's a real cutie and suuuper adorable normally?!?!? Aaaaahhhhhhhh yeees q w q
And then the idea of him being a real fan of Puss' good acting????? Og man T w T that sounds so super adorable!!!
Acting!Au like hell yes please

Fremder 路 1y

A little smutty idea, why do I see Puss being the most messy after sex with a lot of cum and Death teases him for being "messy" and Puss blushes >:3

Death: "look at the mess you've made..." licks up sth on his fingers
Puss, visibly offended and flustered like all hell: "tha- YOU--!!! I'M--"
he points at death being the one making such a mess of him and death just enjoys the flustered view, while puss just looks at himself, his chest covered with liquid soaking into his fur, eeehehehehe ,yes yes yes yes 馃挄馃挄馃挄

Fremder 路 1y

Do you by anychance wanna hear my PiB oc >.>

I always wanna hear about OCs!!!!!!!!
* points at you *
If YOU have a PiB oc, go ahead and tell me!! <3
Maybe ours can interact as well who knows :3c
My adhd may just not always be the best at listening, so I apologize beforehand lmao

Fremder 路 1y

puss giving death a tail job? 馃き 馃槒

Oooooh you know what this idea sparks......
It sparks back the throw away Idea I had about Puss doing a strip tease for death.... (random thought during a car drive don't ask lmao)
Bc I thought a tail job would be just such an extreme tease, maybe even accompanied with feathers to tease more, hehehe, Puss absolutely playing with death but he aint allowed to touch! ewe ehehehe

Fremder 路 1y

I know how ur uncomfortable with pregnancy but I don't know if this gotta do with pregnancy but hear me out on this, so like whenever one of puss kids has nightmare or having trouble falling asleep he would sing them a lullaby hoping they fall asleep

a lullaby? not an almost full blown little love song? or what about both, a love song slowed down into a lullaby,,, yes,,, also puss would def 100% be the most loving type tucking them into bed and telling them ALL the stories as bedtime stories to help them fall asleep... j-just a thought hehe

and also pregnancy is one thing, puss with kids is another, being a dad doesn't HAVE to include anyones pregnancy e w e but thank you for your consideration haha

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