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Fremder asked 27 days ago

I know how ur uncomfortable with pregnancy but I don't know if this gotta do with pregnancy but hear me out on this, so like whenever one of puss kids has nightmare or having trouble falling asleep he would sing them a lullaby hoping they fall asleep

a lullaby? not an almost full blown little love song? or what about both, a love song slowed down into a lullaby,,, yes,,, also puss would def 100% be the most loving type tucking them into bed and telling them ALL the stories as bedtime stories to help them fall asleep... j-just a thought hehe

and also pregnancy is one thing, puss with kids is another, being a dad doesn't HAVE to include anyones pregnancy e w e but thank you for your consideration haha

Fremder asked 27 days ago

who do you think would be clingy, for me I feel like death would be sort of clingy yk?

since I headcanon as death p much obsessed/possessive with Puss I def think it'd be him :3c

I can imagine death as like, stalker-ish clingy... like he keeps his distance and doesn't exactly want puss to know how clingy he is :3c bc Puss would just boast about it and flirt so overtly that'd be way too embarrassing for death haha

and also bc Puss has been a loner his whole life and I feel like even if he would start to be clingy, him being used to be alone would immediately put a stop to that haha xD

Fremder asked 28 days ago

I don't know if someone did this idea already but whatever. puss would knead on death back as like a massage and death loves it

Honestly if there are more versions floating around I need to see them this turned out so adorable n w n it's so OOC for me that it's so adorable omg [Points to twitter, nudge nudge]

Fremder asked 28 days ago

I agree his voice is just heavenly iT'S SO NICEE
and yES OMG!!! death is also just the type to get growly embarrassed ready to slap him away at any point but he's also REAAALLY loving the positive and flirty attention he gets and he can't stop himself from just... sitting there and at some point he just really enjoys it, hehe YESSS ABSOLUTELY, so good so cuute 馃檹馃檹

Fremder asked 28 days ago

i dont know where else to put this because my account is private but i seriously NEED to talk about this..I found a cover from antonio banderas (puss in boots' voice actor) singing this incredible spanish love song and i am having many deathpuss thoughts about it

-strangles phone- Ok BUT WHERE IS IT,,, TELL ME MORE T o T which song is it?! 馃憗w馃憗 and share your deathpuss thoughts about it IF YOU WANT hehehe ur very welcome to tell me more :3c ///looks up antonio banderas singing any song tbh

Fremder asked 29 days ago

T4T DeathPuss & KittyPuss 鈥 Kitty and Puss makes out while they getting fingered by Death. 馃槏

鉂b潱鉂b潱鉂 This is closer to the idea I had!!! But hONESTLY I'm melting at the idea to make death trans as well in this oh my 馃サ馃挦馃挦
this one is so good I swear sadjklafhasd >.<

I'm kinda disappointed that my brain didn't attach to kitty at all 馃様 She's so good as a character after all but I guess I'm just too gay lmao.... ///sighs

Fremder asked 29 days ago

T4T DeathPuss & KittyPuss 鈥 Death fucks Puss with his strap while Kitty face fucks Puss. 馃ゴ

some T4T4T threesome qUESTIONS???? oh my, oh my 馃構馃構馃挄
I honestly still think trans death wouldn't need a strap on to give puss a good time but I'm also not AGAINST death using a strap on 馃槈馃き
and honestly the added facefucking?!?! hhh oh me oh my //fans self, puss just snuggling into Kitties lap while she goes at it and he does not mind at all 馃ゴ馃グ馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄
I think I'll need to draw kitty for once haha

Fremder asked 29 days ago


YA'LL SO HORNY FOR DEATHPUSS I SWEAR. I SO UNDERSTAND BUt calm down, relaxation, stop screaming

How the FCK did you hit the nail on the head so hard I jashdkajsdlakfsda listen i fckn lOVE clothed sex ok, I so undoubtedly have such a hard on for it, everthing about it is just sO delicious and good and oh my gOD YES
the only problem is the undeawear lmao since puss usually doesn't wear any but hey... in my student x teacher AU they both do 馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃挦馃挦馃挦
meaning I'll add the guilty pleasure to it,, I can't draw it right now but my brain is screaming at me yes

AnarchyFangs asked about 1 month ago

threesome Death X Puss X Kitty?

Oh HELL yeah!

I've already had an idea written out for that tbh... I had a very... very interesting scene in my head with weird WEIRD plot around it as well but I haven't been able to really continue the thought or draw out the idea >.<;;
(and believe me Kitty is just as trans as Puss there is NO ONE to convince me other wise, my head has already made it's mind haha)

Fremder asked about 1 month ago

puss wearing death porch while he fucking him 馃ス馃


alright but my very best guess would be that you mean deaths poncho right?! (bc I'm so confused by the word porch here, but catch the image over on twitter lmao)

f4rt_p4nts asked about 1 month ago

discord mod death x discord kitten puss.
(sorry not sorry)

this sounds like a super good cringe au tbh 馃槀 but I am not well versed enough on these terms to know what exactly this means lmao so sorry 馃ぃ馃ぃ

Fremder asked about 1 month ago

death lying his head on puss whenever he stressed and puss rubs his head 馃槶馃ス

c-continueation of my one drabble where death is extremely frustrated bc of puss but then goes to him and vents his frustrations with him but he just melts away on the fluffy little kitten 馃槶馃槶馃槶
and as puss starts to pet his head all he can think is "Yeah I'll keep this one."


Fremder asked about 1 month ago


UM 馃憦 YES?! YES YES YES. reminds me of that on comic I've seen and I would LOVE to expand on this idea bc.... collars 馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃挦馃挦馃挦

Puss recieving the mark of death to eternally remind him~
... that he's almost immortal bc death wants to keep him for himself lMAO~

Fremder asked about 1 month ago

Have A Good Day Beloved 鉂わ笍

I have been getting too many nice words and felt too shitty for this lil thing to make me cry like that I swear.... (in a very good way)

Thank you so much I hope you have a very nice and wonderful day as well 馃挄馃挄馃挄

Fremder asked about 1 month ago

imagine death and puss taking a walk at night and looking at the beautiful stars and saying cute and sometime cheesy stuff to each other 馃ス馃挒

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