Fremder asked 9 months ago

I always had headcannoned an idea that I never did anything with. Because of the TikTok videos with Puss dancing and doing ASMR, I headcanon that the entire movie is a production in their world, and that the wolf is also just an actor within that production and the wolf and Puss are actually really good friends. (Bonus: The wolf is actually a huge softie irl and falls in love with Puss’ acting)

Pls pls pls can we make a madds mikkelsen kind of actor of the wolf?!?!? Like always playing the best villains ever and actually he's a real cutie and suuuper adorable normally?!?!? Aaaaahhhhhhhh yeees q w q
And then the idea of him being a real fan of Puss' good acting????? Og man T w T that sounds so super adorable!!!
Acting!Au like hell yes please

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